posted message: Hack P2PU to create your own personal learning plan!
posted message: Cool little contest:
posted message: DIY U: Getting Started With Self Learning is now open for sign-up!
posted message: Now you can upload files and embed all sorts of media in your groups! Check out the new features here:
posted message: Organizers - now you can add custom sign-up questions, add course tags, and integrate badges! Read more:
posted message: How to use IRC chat in your study groups & courses: - Haven't tested it out yet? See "embed IRC chat" in link.
posted message: New features! Now you can CHAT, filter the ACTIVITY STREAM on your wall, and further define the style of learning groups. See:
posted message: New feature changes on P2PU. Check them out!
posted message: Added: . Graphics on resource flow to come!
posted message: New feature: add organizers to your study group. At the moment this is possible when a user signs up. You can accept them as a participant or an organizer. In the future we want to add a "I can help develop this" button where the follow button sits when a project is still under development.
posted message: Hey everyone! I added a section about developing meaningful tasks and would love everyone to contribute their experiences with task design via comments. Your initial experiences are extremely valuable and would love to get some feedback from our beta testers. Please provide concrete examples (and links) to tasks you think are designed well for your topic, or tasks that you would like advice or feedback on!
posted message: Hey Jonas + Participants! P2PU also has an instance of etherpad -> You are free to use it if you like, but works just the same! Looks like you have quite a diversity of participants, too! I imagine it can be difficult to schedule meetings with such a global crowd. Good thing you're taking notes! Will keep following along.. I hope you all get your CC projects funded! ;-)
posted message: Hey Jos, It is a bit wild right now. Feel free to chime in about what types of activity streams will be useful to keep around as we streamline:
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Openeing your study group to participants:

When you feel that the study group description is complete enough so other people understand its objectives, you can uncheck the "Under Development" box at<you-study-group>/edit/status/ . When you are ready to let other people post requests to become participants at<your-study-group>/content/sign-up/, you can uncheck the "Sign-Up Closed" box at

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Hi Zuzel, just playing around with status. Didn't realize "testing sandbox" took the course out of distribution. Lesson learned!

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This space is for anyone experimenting with the new site to seek guidance and ask questions - and if your questions can't be answered here, we can point you to the best place they can!

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Hey folks, you can check out how is developing over here (with screencast):

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Creating a study group on the new site? Here's what you can expect during the test phase:

April 11 A basic sign-up process for study groups will be available and you should be able to broadcast messages to all participants. Schools will also have a main page for their communities.

April 25 We imagine most study groups will become active around the 25th. Email-based interaction will be available, and study group content will have easy to edit and organize features.

Beyond The list of features above is by no means comprehensive. However, not all ideal social engagement features will be ready by 25 April. New features will be released every two weeks and we will actively keep the community updated on coming developments

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Following along with Lernanta dev - everything looks rad so far. Happy to be a crash test dummy!