Welcome to jesmion's free open online html tutorial, in this course of studies we will discuss about impressive subject and lessons towards webs educational resource aquisitions, am Jesmion an organizer of the project, i volunteers disclosing facts about education, because my p2pu-Lecturers taught me very well, so that i can impart what i learnt from them to my fellow p2pu-peers, example: html, css, php, javascript, etc, am jesmion, This is an introduction about HTML, a brief presentation about new friend html, what's html, html is as mother tongues of your browser, to make a long story short, HTML was invented in 1990 by a scientist whose name is Tim Berner Lee, the purpose was to make it easier for the scientists at different universities gain-access to each other's research documents. The project became a bigger success than Tim Berner Lee had even imagined. by inventing html he laid foundation for the web as we know it today. HTML is a language which made it possible to present informations, either scientific research on the internet' what you see when you view a page on the internet is your browser's interpretations of html, jesmion-free-open-online-html, http://html.net/forums/memberlist.php?mode=wiewprofile&u=25114 http://p2pu.org/en/courses/2313/ http://code.google.com/p/jjjireh80/source/list http://twitter.com/jesmion http://facebook.com/jesmion.ibekwe5