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Begin Planning Your Final Game Project [April 25, 2011, 3:15 p.m.]

Now that you know some of the basics, it's time to start thinking about what kind of game you want to write.  Your goal should be to finish a playable game by the end of the course period (6 weeks from today - June 6).

Don't pick something too elaborate like a huge complicated MMORPG - you'll never finish!  Pick something you know you can finish instead.  For example, think about taking a classic arcade game and putting your own unique spin on it.  A puzzle game, a run-and-jump platformer, or a simple turn-based strategy game (think RISK, not Civilization 5!) could all be good choices as well.

Multiplayer will be a major focus of the course, so you should plan for your game to have a multiplayer element.

For next week (May 2), write a paragraph describing the game you'd like to create and share it with the group.  Break your idea down into small parts and write out what you'll need for each one - what sort of player input will you need to respond to?  What sort of animation will you need?  What about background images?  What's the goal of the game?  If it's the sort of game that has enemy characters, what will they look like and how will they move?  Will you need some sort of AI controlling them?  Are there pieces that move around in real-time, and if so, are they affected by gravity or collisions?  Etc.  Describe the multiplayer elements - is it a head-to-head game where two (or more!) players compete against each other?  Or a cooperative game where two or more players have to work together to reach the goal?