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Writing - Notice and Investigate

Analyze the important parts of your sources and draw conclusions about them.

Add “quote sandwhiches” to your writing. Introduce, insert, and interpret three or more quotations from this week’s sources (Text-Dependent Research). Add these to your Doc. Revise, proofread, spell-check, cite, and link to the original source.

Use the Guide from Youth Voices: Adding Quotations

Below are four more versions of the same idea.

Take a look at these, then do it yourself. Add at least three transcriptions and citations from your dialectial notes from your Text-Dependent Research.

When you have finished adding at least three transcriptions and citations into your writing get more feedback from your peers and your teacher. Copy this third or fourth draft of your argument from your Google Doc and paste it into a comment here (on this P2PU task), then click Yes, I'm done 



Follow this link to a PowerPoint: How to Make a Quote Sandwich.



--M. Harutunian, College of the Canyons

Probably not the most appetizing dish ever created, the quote sandwich nevertheless serves a very useful purpose: It helps tie evidence to the main point or thesis. The quote sandwich begins with a very basic ingredient--and introduction:

The introduction is like the top layer of a sandwich; it helps to organize the whole mess. In the introduction to a quote, the writer provides some context and background for the quote. Here is an example:

In discussing the role of movies in shaping the American public's view of the Vietnam War, H. Bruce Franklin makes this telling statement:

Notice that the introduction to this quote gives the reader quite a bit of information. It tells who the quote is by and what its context is.

Once the quote has been introduced, it's time to give the actual quote itself. An important point to remember when quoting is that the quotation marks need to be nearly ignored for punctuation purposes. Read your sentences without the quotation marks. If they don't need punctuation, they will not need them with the quotation marks. Let's see the actual quote now:

In discussing the role of movies in shaping the American public's view of the Vietnam War, H. Bruce Franklin makes this telling statement: "The manipulation of familiar images [about the war]... was blatant, though most critics at the time seemed oblivious to it" (Franklin 860).

In this case the quote is set off by a colon. If it were not, the quote would not begin with a capital letter. Also, note the use of the brackets part way through the quote. The brackets announce either an addition or a change in the quoted material. Here they've been used to clarify the images. Finally, note the use of ellipses (...) to mark deleted materials.

Once the quote is completed, its significance must be explained. Let us say that our main point for this essay was that the media created the public's perception of America's wars. Having given the quote, we would now explain how the quote supports the point:

In discussing the role of movies in shaping the American public's view of the Vietnam War, H. Bruce Franklin makes this telling statement: "The manipulation of familiar images [about the war]... was blatant, though most critics at the time seemed oblivious to it." The manipulation of these images created an image in the minds of most Americans, who now pictured helicopters, the music of Wagner and the Doors, and Russian roulette as substitutes for the reality of the war. The media created a different Vietnam in the minds of Americans.

Note that the explanation for the quote ties it specifically to the unifying element for the essay--the media creates the public's perception of America's wars.

There you have it; one bona fide all-American quote sandwich:

In discussing the role of movies in shaping the American public's view of the Vietnam War, H. Bruce Franklin makes this telling statement: "The manipulation of familiar images [about the war]... was blatant, though most critics at the time seemed oblivious to it." The manipulation of these images created an image in the minds of most Americans, who now pictured helicopters, the music of Wagner and the Doors, and Russian roulette as substitutes for the reality of the war. The media created a different Vietnam in the minds of Americans.

Bon Apetit!


Task Discussion

  • Joey Pappas said:

    on April 13, 2013, 3:34 p.m.
  • ShamarS said:


    Deaths from ordinary treatable ailments or routine surgical procedures such as giving birth were a cause of failed faith healing, the article What More in the Name of God? by Courtney Campbell says:

    “...were not from esoteric entities but ordinary ailments seen and treated routinely in community medical centers. Deaths from dehydration, appendicitis, labor complications, antibiotic-sensitive bacterial infections, vaccine-preventable disorders, or hemorrhagic disease of the newborn have

    a very low frequency in the United States.”

    In this article it talks about how many men women and children died because they chose to stay away from hospitals and traditional medicine and rely on faith healing. These people died from illnesses that were often performed in medicine and had good outcomes.   

    To support their faith faith healing parents are sometimes willing to withhold information about their child’s well being from the government knowing they may face penalization from the government if a problem was to accrue. Wikipedia “Faith Healing” find say:

    “to require that a State find, or to prohibit a State from finding, abuse or neglect in cases in which a parent or legal guardian relies solely or partially upon spiritual means rather than medical treatment, in accordance with the religious beliefs of the parent or legal guardian.”

    Studying this Wiki article I found that there are people who are willing to go to extremes just to hide their child’s medical condition from the government and doctors to hide signs of abuse when they could just take them to the hospital.

    Faith healing does have some upsides like becoming a placebo that allows the body to heal some minor medical problems "Faith Healing Shouldn't Work, But It Does. says:

    “A lot of medical problems can be cured with just your mind alone. Placebo accounts for half of the effects of non surgical medicines for example sugar pills are one. Some say that with these odds faith healing could become a trillion dollar industry in the U.S.”

    Placebo or sugar pills creates a natural reaction of positivity into the brain that the human body have to boost the immune system. Face healing can act as a placebo for people of faith and help them recover from colds, flus, broken bones, ect.

    There are people in faith healing communities that say that you shouldn’t take everything that is said in the bible literal nor can it be understood Courtney Campbell says:  

    “Most mainstream Christian traditions have come to the conclusion that the biblical passages in question cannot be understood as providing literal instructions to be followed in all circumstances with an assurance of healing and thus have made accommodations for professional medical treatment within their theologies.”

    This quote is basically saying that the bible has some parts of scripture that can be taken seriously however to them faith healing is one of the passages in the bible that can be taken more literal than most others.

    Solely relying on faith healing often led to a larger death rate among adults and children and a lower life expectancy for adults by telling the people who are went for a healing that they didn’t need to take their medication anymore, a Wikipedia article supported this by saying:

    “Reliance on faith healing to the exclusion of other forms of treatment can have a public health impact when it reduces or eliminates access to modern medical techniques. This is evident in both higher mortality rates for children and in reduced life expectancy for adults. Critics have also made note of serious injury that has resulted from falsely labelled "healings", where patients erroneously consider themselves cured and cease or withdraw from treatment. For example, at least six people have died after faith healing by their church and being told they had been healed of HIV and could stop taking their medications. It is the stated position of the AMA that "prayer as therapy should not delay access to traditional medical care."

    This is saying that children and adults are all at risk to when it comes to gambling with faith healing. Leaving them with two outcomes if they so choose to follow through with faith healing and those options are death or a lower life expectancy.

    Faith healing is considered a placebo, which means that it affects the part of the brain that reacts to positivity and enhances the healing factor "Faith Healing Shouldn't Work, But It Does. says:

    “By means unknown, faith healing is evidently capable of boosting immune function. This would explain why minor lesions clear up faster than would otherwise be the case. If placebos account for half of the effects of non surgical medicine ( which may be too conservative) faith healing may be a trillion-dollar industry in the U.S..”

    This Psychology today article is saying that they have yet to fully understand why faith healing acts as a placebo and how it could become a trillion dollar industry in the U.S. because medical industries us sugar pills to trick the brain to heal by increasing the strength in the immune system.


    on April 11, 2013, 10:39 a.m.
  • michelle said:

    on March 11, 2013, 1:22 p.m.
  • davonc said:

    on March 7, 2013, 1:19 p.m.
  • josev said:


    What To Do? | Basically I'm talking about this big decision I have to make: if I want to graduate or be a nobody and its looking like im going to quit my job just so that I can be happy later. It's hard because I... Added on Friday, February 8, 2013 - 12:05, with 0 comment(s)


    on Feb. 27, 2013, 11:23 a.m.
  • Deanf said:

    I’m learning more about Malcolm X right now, and in particular what I’m wondering about is how do prison reform criminals?. I was researching this question online, and this article caught my attention because the name of the title is Malcolm X on education. This title sparked  my interest because in the early part of the book Malcolm used education as a gateway to a better life.

    “Malcolm became a letter writer and as a result he says that he “stumbled upon starting to acquire some kind of homemade education”. He became extremely frustrated at not being able to express what he wanted to convey in letters that he wrote. He says that “in the street I had been the most articulate hustler out there …But now, trying to write simple English, I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional”. His ability to read books was severely hampered. “Every book I picked up had few sentences which didn’t contain anywhere from one to nearly all of the words that might have been in Chinese”. He skipped the words he didn’t know and so had little idea of what the books said.” (Burke, B. (2004), p.1)

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that he began to reform in prison with the help of his outside brothers and sisters. They were a big help by showing and teaching him the teachings of the Muslim way.

    I think this paragraph is important. I say this because this paragraph really relates to my question. One question I have about the reading is why did he not choose to change his life before being incarcerated? I chose this portion of the text because it shows how well dedicated malcolm was to changing his life and furthering his education, what little education he did have. It is already known that his brother outside the prison played a huge part in helping him find religion and finding out about the honourable Elijah Muhammad. This paragraph is significant because it shows a major turning point in his life and himself by seeking a better education. He wrote letters in attempt to reach to the honourable Elijah Muhammad.    

    As I was learning more about Malcolm X. I came across other articles and videos with the help of my teacher. And one online video really stood out to me. This video caught my attention because of the things Malcolm himself spoke of. In this video he spoke about how Muslims rejected violence and were one hundred percent against violence as their religion.

      “The Muslims who have accepted the religion of Islam, and followed the religious guidance of the honourable Elijah Muhammad. Have never bombed any churches, have never murdered any little girls, as was done in Birmingham. Have never lynched anybody. Have never at any time been guilty of initiating any aggressive acts of violence. During the entire 33 years or more that the honourable Elijah Muhammad has been teaching us.“ ( antihostile (2013), 1:30 )

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that it is against the Muslim religion to commit any act of violence that is not used to protect themselves or their family. Every Muslim shall respect this order, and if one shall disobey this command then they are not considered to be a true Muslim. What I feel that Malcolm is trying to say is that this is what one portion of what makes Muslims different every other religion.

    I think is very strong because it makes me wonder why can’t everyone follow his ways without having to be Muslim. It makes me wonder why can’t everyone keep an open mind to change for a better society and better humanity. I chose to quote this portion of the video because it is important to know that Malcolm X accepted violence to be an issue. The details of Muslims not participating in the bombing of churches, or murdering little girls, or lynching anyone is an example of the non-violence, which separates muslims from others, and that is what makes this quite significant and influential towards others.

    While continuing to do my research and learn more about Malcolm X. One thing that I learned is that Malcolm openly accepted, acknowledged, and also admired other people of different religion. Who fought for the same things he was fighting for. As I was doing more research on Malcolm X. I stumbled upon this video and because of the title of The Ballot or the Bullet. This video had grasped my undivided attention.

    “When we realize that Adam Clayton Powell is a Christian minister, who is the head of the Abyssinian Baptist church. At the same time he is more famous for his political struggling, and Dr. King is a Christian minister in Atlanta Georgia, but he has become more famous for being involved in the civil rights struggle. There is another in new york Reverend Galamison. I don’t know if you heard of him out here. He’s a Christian minister in Brooklyn, but has become famous for his fight against segregated school system in Brooklyn. All of these are Christian ministers, but they don’t come to us as christian ministers. They come to us as fighters in some other category.“ ( antihostile (2013), 1:50 )

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that other people saw the same problems going on in society and humanity. Malcolm was not the only who felt it was not right, and wanted to speak up about it. Among the other names of individuals that he stated they too also became known and became more famous for speaking out and fighting for their rights.

    I think this is very moving, and not only to the people that was present during the speech given from Malcolm, but this was very moving to I myself. One question I have about this quote is did or why haven’t these political strugglers live longer than they did? I chose this important information from the text because he states other people besides himself who has struggled to make a change in society and humanity. He states all the good thing that these ministers was trying to accomplish or have accomplished at the time. I feel this quote I chose is significant because he shows that he was not the only one who felt this way about society and humanity. He was not the only one who felt that change was needed.

    on Feb. 25, 2013, 3:44 p.m.
  • JPChris said:


    The Insanity Challenge Part 2 | How was part 1 of the challenge? It was pretty tough right? Well you're a third of the way done so now is no time to give up, you can do this. In part 2 it won't get any easier, now is time to do... Added on Friday, February 22, 2013 - 10:38, with 0 comment(s)


    on Feb. 22, 2013, 11:17 a.m.
  • kwabena sarh said:

    I'm learning more about the sandy hook shooting/gun control right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is Will the sandy hook incident effect gun control law I was researching this question online, and I found president Obama speaking on Newtown high school here's a link This video caught my attention because...Obama speech was very touching but did not nail down the actual problem or solve anything. He just eased the pain of others and told the people of america we need to do better.
    Obama said scripture tells us do not lose heart though outwardly were wasting away inwardly were being renewed.
    Obama speaks on newtown high school president Obama speech
    The quote I chose here is basically saying everyday we're wasting away but day by day we are being renewed.The way i understand this is america is killing its own people I think this is outrageous because he should not base problems on religion theory it puts those who don't believe in religion clueless It makes me wonder every time a tragedy occur will it be looked at as gods plan. america is in denial and don't wanna take responsibility for their action i still don't understand why emergency support couldn't simmer down the tragedy.

    The great divide over gun violence and gun rights does have one common denominator. Both sides have fears that drive their position.The article also said those in favor of unregulated guns are afraid of losing their use of guns for sport, of losing an ability to deal with personal threats to themselves, or even of government someday acting against the people.
    A bridge for action after sandy hook shooting
    The quote I chose here is basically saying those who bear arms and those who don't fear for their lives one way or another.The ones that bear arms use guns as tools.
    I think this is out of control because for those who live in communities don't need to bear arms but those who live in isolated areas should have at least one weapon this situation level out itself there plenty more reasons why to bear but  It makes me wonder what if the person who bear arms having problems with there own life and need mental help <theres a lot of ups and downs when it comes to bearing arms theres a 50/50 chance the person could use his gun for violence. Like obama said he was going to limit the gun control by making it hard for those to obtain guns and those who bear arms obama is making it were the government can easily confiscate your weapons even with license.

    United states Bill of rights protects the rights of people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on december 15,1791, along with the rest of the bill of rights.
    Wikipedia Second Amendment
    The quote I chose here is basically saying <the bill of rights is one of the reasons why an individual's person can protect himself. this right helps other not let the government confiscate the arms. also it make it hard for just the government to change the law this takes time. especially when this was established 1791.
    I think this is one hard situation to get by because they're so much going on in this world and for guns just to be bared for the law doesn't really protect the people but put them in danger. It makes me wonder if no individual was able to bear who is really protecting us? when the government or unknown enemy come down on the people you're powerless its only matter of time till something happens i rather be safe than sorry. Sometimes emergency does not get there in time everything is put into your hands. People should have control of situations and dealt with if no help.     

    on Jan. 20, 2013, 4:57 p.m.
  • danielo said:

    im learning more about why do kids drop out !

    im still intrested in this because i been so close to actually making  this decision. I learned more about why do kids drop out and what their reasons are. The primary reason nearly half of the young adults gave for dropping out was that classes were uninteresting. Another major factor was that the students spent time with people who were uninterested in school. These were among the top reasons selected by students with high GPAs and those who were motivated to work hard.

    Wen you choose to give up on life this are the results that may happened to you after you made your decisions. Many people end up poor living in bad neighborhoods because they cant afford better . Others end up in jail or gangs and earning really low earnings.

    "34% Of women give up their education because of teen pregnacy"


    "8% spend their life in juvi or a shelter.


    In general, feeling unmotivated or uninspired to work hard was a significant factor in the drop outs’ discontent with school. In focus groups, the young adults said school was boring, they didn’t learn anything, and school was irrelevant. However, many of these respondents said they would have liked to have been inspired. Further, while a majority said their school’s graduation requirements were difficult, 66 percent said they would have worked harder if more, including higher academic standards and more studying and homework, had been demanded of them to earn a diploma.
    Some of the young adults dropped out of school because of real life events: they had to get a job, became a parent, or had to care for a family member. Many of these individuals said they had done reasonably well in school and believed they could have graduated. Of all those surveyed, members of this group were most likely to say they “would have worked harder if their schools had demanded more of them and provided the necessary support.”



    on Dec. 19, 2012, 11:52 a.m.

    Paul Allison said:

    This is a good start. I'd like to see two more of these quote sandwiches. Also, I can show you how to make the parts you are quoting stand out from your own writing.

    on Dec. 19, 2012, 2:04 p.m. in reply to danielo
  • Aaron said:

    on Dec. 12, 2012, 10:27 a.m.
  • Anthonyf said:

    i’m learning more about graffiti right now,and in particular what i’m wondering about is “Graffiti is art or a crime? I was researching this question online, and this news item caught my attention because It discusses the debate against how graffiti is art and how is it a crime and how people should be punish against it.

    Gedis Grudzinskas, whose son Ziggy, 25, was one of those jailed last week agrees. "Ziggy has been sent to prison for 18 months having pleaded guilty to a crime not involving violence, terrorism, knives or drugs but vandalising public property," he says.

    Graffiti: Street art & crime

    The Independent (2008) Graffiti: Street art & crime. [online] Available at: [Accessed: October 16 2012].

    The quote I chose here is basically saying is that graffiti should have lighter charges against graffers because it is not hurting nobody,killing nobody.It just vandalising public property and to do 18 months for writing on walls serves for justice to nobody.

    I think this is a powerful because it shows how much graffiti is so innocent and there are way worse crimes than that.It makes me wonder if graffiti was never invented I think the streets would be dull and boring and would have to make graffiti legal so it can give a spark to our neighborhoods our city.Yet graffiti is bad in ways such as gang graffiti which resemble no point of art or culture just reperesenting a gang in which to mark their territory.Nothing else!

    on Oct. 16, 2012, 12:12 p.m.
  • chappelle said:

    I'm learning more about hip hop dance right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is where did hip hop dance start and how. I was researching this question online, and this video caught my attention because... it  really broke it down to me on how hip hop started show me the people how did the bronx look back then and it really gave good information that i needed to know about my question and i also chose i video because they gave great images of what i needed to know for my question. Once Upon A Time In New York: The Birth Of Hip Hop, Disco & Punk | Part ¼  something i saw in the video that caught attention was the fact that they showed me the man that was the start of hip hop and also how the bronx was looking the that point in time and that what i needed for my research and also because i was interested in the video.

    “i mean hip hop dance really came because we didn't have nothing in the south bronx because there was really nothing to do here”

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that hip hop started because there was really nothing to do in the bronx because of the depression and the way the economic society soo they would just have nothing to do but dance and show off their moves and have battles and make something out of taken drugs and fighting.

     This is important because its true people back the the 70s was going through the great depression it was hard times for the people of the five boroughs but the bronx had it rough because of the blackout so they had no choice but to make something out of doing nothing and do something which is make music.

    I'm learning more about hip hop dance right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is where did hip hop dance start and how ?. I was researching this question online, and this video caught my attention because because it gave great information on my topic also and help me understand what i need to for my question gave me specific names dates and thats what i felt i needed for my information ...i chose this item to look at because the title of the video was on hip hop and when i looked it at the beginning they right away went into what i need to know .History of the birth Hip Hop Culture until 1991 prt1. something that i saw in this video that was interesting was  the fact that they had the building of where people lived the parks where they dance how many people was there and what they use to use when they was dancing and even the equipment.

    “hip hop started in the south bronx and we was throwing parties in different clubs schools community centers and from there on it became a big movement “

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that in the bronx they started throwing parties everywhere to make this movement a big thing so they would throw parties in community rooms clubs schools so that people from all over can join the hip hop dance movement and  show off their skills and have a good time.

    This is interesting because this was something that i didn't know and also this is something that we do in todays world we still throw parties in community centres clubs and schools to show off their talent so this was great to know because this is why we do it in todays  because of the fact that back in the 70s they started a big movement which migrated all over the world.  

    I'm learning more about hip hop dance right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is where did hip hop dance started and how?. I was researching this question online, and this article caught my attention because this article gave great information on my topic gave a whole lot of details for the beginning to the end and even told me things i didn't know...i chose this article because the title was interesting and i enjoyed what i was reading because it told me facts that i needed to know about my article. history of hip hop and style something that i saw in the summary was that fact that they told me the person who started hip hop was dj kool herc and there was also a hip hop group that was called zulu nation that went world wide.

    hip hop as a dance area is so popular that it has penetrated into our lives everywhere in the shows music videos dances schools centers fitness clubs cinema and theater

    The quote I chose here is basically saying that hip hop dance is world wide now and everyone dances hip hop and made some people who they are today like jennifer lopez and other stars also dance can also help you for you and to get you in shape and healthy this quote is basically saying that everywhere is dance because dance is important to our lives and it something that will never end.

    This is is important because this is right dance is everywhere  and something that everyone does and enjoy even if it is not a career dancing is good for everyone why because even overweight people dance in fitness clubs to lose weight dance is also a good thing and is also great entertainment

    on Oct. 15, 2012, 11:53 a.m.
  • KrittLee said:

    on Oct. 11, 2012, 1:04 p.m.
  • ashleynicole said:

          Something that I have been interested in learning more about has been Why do people feel the need to use firearms? I remember my mother was talking about it a couple of weeks ago, but i was in rush and didn’t want to listen to what she was saying. Lately, the issue has caught my eye again. I know that many people feel that many people are tired of hearing gunshots or finding out their love one was gunned down. People want to try to put a stop to the gun violence in our community but where do we start first. From what I have heard, It’s mainly black and hispanic people using firearms and more younger aged people are being killed due to the shootings For example, I heard that a 19 year old boy named kenneth archbold was gunned down early in the morning in harlem ny, It was ganged related and he also had a family a little baby girl on the way Now that's just what I've heard, it may or may not be true.

         One thing that I know for sure about Gun Violence is that it’s a big terror in our community and it needs to be stopped our children are being killed best friends brothers and sisters. Now, I've studied my share of Gun Violence, for example: U.S. is trying to crack down on it but i don’t think there really working hard enough they need to band the sales of firearms to anymore. and Personally, It's funny to me how they worry about everything else but they still let people buy them with little restrictions then they have the cops thats shooting innocent people. So who can we really look to for help in where to start with stopping it?

        Gun Violence was not as bad as it is not in the past couple of years it has gone up about 20%. Gun Violence can range from different things such as homicides the number on in firearm deaths and suicide and robbery and assault. Gun Violence cost the US 100 billion dollars annually. Emergency medical care is a major contributor,  Being that I didn't have a lot of background information on Gun Violence, I chose to do some research on the topic. As I searched for blogs and news articles on Google, I came across this one article: Children, youth, and gun violence This article provided a lot of information and opinions on Gun Violence.

           Some people felt that Gun Violence is something that needs to be stop and banded from our streets. ‘’The lethality of guns, as well as their easy accessibility to young people, are key reasons why firearms are
    the second leading cause of death among young
    people ages 10 to 19.’’
    This statement didn't really surprise me all that much, but it did make me feel upset and sad at the same time because kids so young should not have to die at a young age. All of this makes me think that when will it stop how many more families will have to suffer and how many more lives will end over Gun Violence. It has to stop one day.

    on Oct. 10, 2012, 12:24 p.m.
  • Chante said:

    on Oct. 2, 2012, 1:36 p.m.
  • curtisc said:

    on Oct. 1, 2012, 11:56 a.m.
  • britneypa said:

    on Oct. 1, 2012, 11:14 a.m.
  • ZoeC said:

    on Sept. 29, 2012, 11:22 a.m.
  • Evelyn S said:

    on Sept. 28, 2012, 1:23 p.m.