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    posted message: Right on! We have 300 people taking an interest in this class! We'll be getting started really soon! If you haven't already, please bookmark this page. It'll just be easier than searching for it on p2pu.org everytime you come on here.
    posted message: Do you think this will be archived... say for the people that aren't up to snuff with css or javascript?
    posted message: Hey there everybody! Thank you all for signing up for this class! This is very exciting stuff! I can't wait to show you all how easy it is to make a social networking website, and how the biggest social website in the world really is not THAT complex. We're at 274 people right now! So close to that 300 mark we need to get started! Definitely post this class on twitter, facebook, google+, reddit, or anywhere else that might make this class possible!
    posted message: Is there any specific software you would recommend having installed/becoming familiar with (outside of the languages you posted in the second task) before this gets started?
    posted message: Just so everybody knows, this is not short class. It might take a couple months or so to finish. Facebook is a fairly large website now with lots of features. What took Mark Zuckerberg a week to make, was a very basic website that you could create in less time than that! Soon we'll be making a larger scale Facebook. One that has more than just profiles and relationship statuses.
    posted message: We're getting very very close!We only need 86 more people to sign up for this class and we'll get started! Thank you everyone who has been helping spread the word, you are the ones making this possible for everyone else! :)
    posted message: We've got 10 people ready for this so far! It's a really big class, so I want 300 people! This way the hundreds of hours I put in preparing the teaching material will be worth it :) If you know anyone who's interested in something like this, send them to this page!
    posted message: We have 3 participants already! Only 297 more and I will teach you how to create your very own facebook!
    posted message: We need 300 people to follow or participate in this class for it to start!