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WEEK THREE (Oct 17-Oct 23)--Identifying Multiple Intelligences

  Identifying Multiple Intelligences

In Session Three, you will focus on one particularly well-known theory: Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences (MI). You will read an article about multiple intelligences and review online inventories and assessments designed to help students and teachers identify their areas of strength in the multiple intelligences framework. Then you will discuss the multiple intelligences you can identify among your own students and the implications this has for lesson planning and delivery.


Tapping Into Multiple Intelligences ,
This article provides an overview of Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Read all eight sections of this article (advance through it by clicking the "Next” button at the bottom of each page), and watch the interactive animations and videos that accompany the text.
Note: Video clips on this website require the QuickTime plugin. You can download QuickTime by clicking here.

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory, PBS
This article offers an overview of Howard Gardner’s nine intelligences, tips for employing multiple intelligences in the classroom, and a collection of online resources to continue your study of MI.


  1. Watch
    Watch the “What is multiple intelligence theory?” video to see Howard Gardner himself describe his theory of multiple intelligences.
  2. Identify
    Complete one of the inventories below to identify the intelligences in which you are strongest.
  3. Explore
    Explore the Lesson Plan Ideas in this document and make note of any activities that may be appropriate for your classroom.  If pursuing the Lesson Plan final project option, note these in Section 4 of your Lesson Plan Template.


Think about a student you have taught in your classroom who has a clear dominance in one of Gardner’s intelligence domains. How have you met that student’s need in a particular lesson?

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Be sure to return frequently during the session to read and respond to comments posted by other participants.

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