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What makes good mission and vision statements?

In this task, we'll look at what makes good mission and vision statements by analyzing some that are out there.

Think about what makes good mission and vision statements.

In the previous videos, we hear that good mission statements should :

  • Answer the question why do you [your enterprise] exist
  • Be short
  • Be memorable
  • Be inspiring
  • Be market-focused (talk about value your providing to whom)
  • Tell what you want to be remembered for

And good vision statements should :

  • Answer the question where you [your enterprise] are going
  • Be future-oriented
  • Be clear and visible
  • Be audacious
  • Be descriptive
  • Give a timeframe at least 5 years out

Are there other important characteristics?

Analyze the mission and vision of an enterprise of your choosing. (This can come from an enterprise's web site or just search YouTube for mission or vision statements.) What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it unique, short, memorable, market-oriented, inspirational, etc.?

Post a link to the mission and vision statements you looked at and your thoughts. Then review and respond to at least one other participant's post.

Task Discussion