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Writing - Reflect and Connect

Use writing to keep track of your thinking and capture surprising connections.

Freewrite about what you are thinking about your question. Or do Loops or use the Composing Guidelines. Use Docs. Share with your teacher and peers. Later you will add transcriptions and citations from your research and revise before you post it as a Discussion.

Choose one of the following:

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At the beginning of
each new project,
inquiry, or writing
assignment you should
create substantial
personal, committed,
passionate pieces of
writing. It's a good idea
to collect your freewriting,
focused sentences, and
more freewriting 
Google Docs (or a similar
platform) that you can
share with your teacher
and others. It's important
to give the time, not just
at school but at home as well.

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"The loop writing process
is a way to get the best
of both... control and
creativity. On the one
hand it lets you steer
where you are going...
But on the other hand it
expands your point of
view.... It is especially
useful if you can't think
of much to write or are
stuck with a topic that
bores you." (Peter Elbow,
The Loop Writing
," Chapter 8 in
Writing With Power.

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Sondra Perl's Composing
Guidelines sometimes
work differently for
different people--and
even differently for you
on different occasions.
The main thing to
remember is that they
are meant for you to
use on your own,
flexibly, in your own way.
There is nothing sacred
about the exact format
or wording. They are not
meant to be a straitjacket.
The specific details of the
procedure are much less
important than the
charitable, supportive,
and generative spirit
behind the whole thing.

When you have finished this first draft by freewrting, loop writing or using the Composing Guidelines, get a few peers and your teacher to respond to your writing. Share your Goggle Document with your teacher and 2 or 3 other students. You can find the link to a Google Document under the Share button, also, make your document Public.

Copy this first draft from your Google Doc and paste it into a comment here (on this P2PU task), then click Yes, I'm done .

Task Discussion

  • Ruth Velasquez said:

    on June 12, 2013, 1:06 p.m.
  • Miguel said:

    on Feb. 27, 2013, 1:55 p.m.
  • Aaron said:

    on Feb. 27, 2013, 12:37 p.m.
  • JohnathanR said:


    Legalizing marijuana in my opinion will help our economy come out of the debt or crisis in america because the almost all of america does it regardless if its legal or not people smoke to get by... i speak for myself i can sit here and talk about how marijuana helps me through the day or even any other time but i want to talk about how the economy will change because its so widely used and theres no point in trying to suppress it because it will even cost more money.

     So much people that use it i believe they will make tons of money especially if it was taxed because i'm pretty sure they will tax it anyways but 20 cents or 30 cents is nothing compared to the millions that will buy the product can u imagine 20 cents times i'd say like 80 million, and imagine it overtime like 4 to 8 years our economy will be up by so much but only if this movement spreads throughout most states of america.

    i'm not saying everyone in america is going to do it because most people will say its bad like my father he says its bad but he used to do it when he was younger and the reason he says its bad is because stereotypes the people who smoke are either in gangs or in the streets you know doing wrong things i don't do none of that i would end up reading a book or doing something productive because i see recreational purpose.

    It has benefited my life in a good way now i'm,  hyperactive and helps me move and see things better i also feel great when i do it i feel like i can do a hundred things and will still want to all day also i'm skinny but not as skinny as i used to be and i was picky with food now i'm open to eat whatever people feed me. it helps people like me who suffer from depression i'm anti social and sometimes i can't stand my parents to the point where i don't ever want to return and i can't turn to them because they don't listen and there's really nobody to talk to except the small group of friends.

    I'm not the only one who wants this legalized because of job opportunity but i feel like it will help those who also need it and can't have it because its not legal down in n.y for medical reasons. its far less harmless than alcohol and cigarettes and those two are the most advertised in america today the most harmful things are the most legal and its pathetic but mainly sad because drinking too much can give you liver failure and smoking too much can give you different types of cancer.

    I don't see why people don't tend to hear us about these situations because if you look at statistics amongst smoking pot compared to any other drug or tobacco alcohol use its absurd and completely if you do too much of the above, I consider them dangerous because most people know the outcome of these things but still continue to do so anyway and it's way too dangerous,there would be less homicides, less car accidents, less street crime, less of every other crime or a death statistic i don't know anybody nor will know somebody that has died off of marijuana but i'm pretty sure people have died because it was not legal.

    The streets will be swept especially because the government spend so much money trying to stop these street crimes. saying its a drug possession exporting and importing  overseas trying to  enforce crime prevention by their own hand or force, but to me it doesn't work that way in my opinion ‘wouldn’t you have to feed that hunger in order for it to go away’ .Basically what i'm saying is if you give what the people want they will no longer value it like did when it was illegal basically its need for it will go down to good use and for good purposes also crimes will go down for those who sell on the streets there could be dispensers around the city making that extra cash also the variety of ways in which marijuana hits you, you would be amazed they're always coming up with new ways aside from smoking it if you look it up.

    on Dec. 18, 2012, 12:38 p.m.
  • Monisha Nelson said:

    on Oct. 3, 2012, 11:51 a.m.
  • Chante said:

    What will the 2012 election bring to our economy?

    I wonder who will win the election.I just wish the person who wins will better us as a country. Someone who doesn't just look after the wealthy, but who also look at the poor, and understand the recession affected everyone, but it mostly affected the poor.Someone who understands we can’t afford hospital bills, and people are out there dying because of this. Someone who really cares for the people, and not so much for money.

    Who has the best economic proposal?

    I am starting to realize voting is very important..Every vote counts!! Voting, and politics is something I never really cared much about until I realized how important it is.. Whoever wins will have a major impact on my life, and my sons life. So I decided I’m going to vote this year, But I don’t really know much information on either candidate so I  decided why not do my research project on economics, on who has the best economic proposal? This is something I am really interested in at the moment and something I have never done before.But me trying to be the #1 mom it is my duty to stand up, and try to vote for someone that can better my sons future.

    Who will I vote for?
    This is what it all comes down to. Who will I vote for? I want to vote for someone who is not all about money, but about helping those who need to be help, a person who is doing what they have to keep the economy up while trying to help feed the starving children.

    on Sept. 10, 2012, 11:07 a.m.