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SI Units

Understanding, working with and manipulating SI units

SI units provide a useful way for scientists across the world to know what they are calculating, as well as a way for us to figure out the equation from which a unit is derived.

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Take this quiz to see what you have understood - don't forget to screen cap and post your score if you are pleased with it!



As you saw in the prezi, when some people use one unit system, and some another (for example SI vs Imperial) bad things can happen. 

Write (or record/film) a news flash about a situation where two different unit systems being used led to a disaster (it can be ammusing rather than depressing!).

Make sure you include the physics content - what was being measured?  How much of it was there?  What did the difference in the two systems actually mean (for example how much more was measure using the wrong system than would have been using SI).

Once you are done, post to your blog and link in the comments section for peer review.

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