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Standard Form

The classic way of dealing with the very big, and very small

Navigate through the prezi below for background



Click on the link and take the standard form test.  When you are done remember to screencap your results as proof of doing this task, and if you did well, post on the Edmodo page!



The complexities of the googleplex

Write a mini report (aimed at interested members of the public) that includes the following:

  • What, in numerical terms, is a google?
  • What is a googleplex
  • Could we ever write down all of the 0s in a googleplex?  If not, why not?

Remember since the audience is ordinary members of the public you may need to explain standard form!

When you are done, post you report on your blog and post a link to it in the comments section so that it can be peer reviewed.

Task Discussion