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World Wide Web of Open

The internet is full of Open Resources that are available for anyone to use in a number of different ways. From Public Domain to Creative Commons licensed work, Open Access to Open Source, each type and distinction of Open holds a specific purpose in defining the types of open content that are available and how they all can be used.

Don't worry if this is sounding like a lot, watch this video to get a sense of what roles Copyright and Creative Commons play in defining open vs. non open web content.

Read this Spectrum of Rights comic too!

Continue reading the rest of this Spectrum of Rights Comic to help you visualize the sprectrum that we are working through in this challenge.

The Sharing Creative Works presentation and the Spectrum of Rights comic are a great introduction to of the variety of resources available on the open web and the spectrum of rights we need to consider when using them. 

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of Copyright Terms, Creative Commons, and Public Domain, read some of the content available in these links below.

Overview Resources:

 Copyright, Fair Use, and the Evolution of Creative Commons

Dipity interactive timeline about Copyright

"Get CC Savvy" Challenge

In-Depth Resources:

Public Domain

Creative Commons

U.S. Copyright Office’s Copyright Basics


Important! It is important to point out that these resources are largely US-centric. While Creative Commons applies worldwide, Copyright laws, Public Domain, and Fair use terms are different in every country. So for this task, recognize that you are being exposed to United States legal constructions around copyright. To learn more about copyright in another country, look into this course about copyright in Australia: Copyright 4 Educators (Aus)


After you watching the video and reading the links, what questions do you still have left? Are there any concepts that were unclear and you would like clarified? Is there any topic that you thought you would learn about that was not discussed? Post these questions in the discussion section. Also share any research you have done on your own on CC licenses or copyright. Did it match with the information in the video?

Task Discussion

  • v4lent1na   March 24, 2013, 6:37 a.m.

    I've been using CC Licenses for a while to protect and share my work on my websites and I've taken the CC Savvy challenge, so I have no questions left. I'm moving on to the next task.

  • marcmars   March 17, 2013, 2:16 a.m.

    I learned that copyright and creative common is new.  It will take some time to learn the different symbols used. On to the next task.