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Week 5 questions


So you all know the deal. You ask a question and we discuss it. At least this is how the groups are supposed to go. This week I wanted to invite all of you into the world of extra learning using the internet. Why is this even necessary? Let me tell you. 

Me time at Southern Poly has put me through a lot of professors. Some that I like, others that i did not like. I won’t get into the specifics of that, because it differs between majors. I will say that during those times of difficult classes, I would turn to the internet to help me accomplish my learning goals. YouTube was my first avenue to find help. There are tons of videos explaining subjects ranging from calculus to biology. The options are really limitless, and through my continual searching of the internet I found this website.

I would ask that you all search around and look for sites, videos, and other tools that can help you stay ahead of the college game. Post what you find on here, and we will talk about it in next meeting. Don’t skip out on this, it counts.

Task Discussion