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Wk 2 - Agency in our learning [Feb. 26, 2012, 5:30 p.m.]

Today's world is marked by constant change. How do we prepare our students and even ourselves for a future world that is sure to be very different from today.

An important part of 21st century skills or habits of mind is being self-directed lifelong learners. We want our students to have agency as learners, to act independently in pursuing their own learning.

Choose one or more of these discussion prompts to think and write about this week:

  • What does "learner agency" mean -- for our students and for us as teachers?
  • What "habits of mind" do we try to encourage in our students? Do those apply to us as teachers? How are we also learners?
  • How do we become the kinds of learners we seek in our students?
  • How can we create agency for ourselves as teachers?
  • How does passive learning (e.g. lurking in online spaces) differ from active learning (e.g. engaged participation)?
  • Is there, in addition to habits of mind, some structure that is needed for self-directed learning to blossom? Could we create a template/table of contents of sorts, to help ourselves plan, carry out, and reflect on our own learning?