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Intercultural Evening Preparation

As you know already we would like to organise an intercultural evening during the course. The idea for this evening event is that each participant (or group of participants) present their own culture and country or region, in any way they prefer. Our direction for what to bring is that it answers the questionwhat makes me feel at home in my Culture. We hope that what you share is something personally meaningful for you or to your group, as well as something showcasing your home country or region and culture.


Some examples of what you can share are traditional foods (however only vegetarian, Sunseed supports a vegetarian diet with no meat or fish), drinks (bring herbal teas), pictures, videos, music, dances, traditional handcrafts, tales, seeds from plants (that could be exchanged with other participants).

Please let us know if you need any especific equiptment :)

We hope the evening will be a chance to know more about who we are and where we come from, to know the people in the course and learn about our neighbor countries as we discover similarities and enjoy the diversity. We hope this is an opportunity to learn from each culture's wisdom.

We invite you to get in touch with the other participants of your same country and/or culture and coordinate in the way you would like to contribute to that evening.

Task Discussion

  • Sunseed Desert Technology   Oct. 30, 2012, 7:09 a.m.

    Great questions...

    I don´t always relate to my "national" identity either, and as a Canadian there is a lot about our culture that has come from many different places around the world - while I can find appreication for all, not all can I relate to specifically.

    We are asking you to bring something that is important to you... something that answers the question... what makes me feel at home in my Culture.

    For example, given my own uniqueness, I will be showing something that most Canadians probably wouldnt relate to... but it is something special we have in Canada, that makes me feel at home in my culture.

    As for equiptment, we have video screening capacities

    Keep in mind there are 18 - 22 people coming. So you will need to keep it briefer - though because we don´t know what everyone is bringing, maybe it´s possible there are lots of foods (or other simpler things) that dont require a lot of explaination. We don´t want to limit you in time, but know that the evening starts at 8, and we aim to be done by 1030 so that people can go to sleep. Keep that in mind, and think about the key points you want to share with us. Basically, you won´t  be able to give us a long lecture, though if you want to present something which requires more time and that you feel is important, there is always space to "share your own skills during the course" ... which no one has signed up for yet!!!!!!!

    Let us know if you have other questions



  • Violeta   Oct. 30, 2012, 3:16 a.m.

    I would say - I am have always been a big fan of my national identity although I feel also part of something much bigger :-)). Bulgaria is a very diverse country - nature, culture, history... and I could speak and show a lot about it... but maybe it will be intereting to show you some traditional dances, which are played in a circle - "horo". Hm...nteresting... so many "horo" we have played during our history and still have not learned to be good team-players ;-)

  • maarja   Oct. 29, 2012, 12:03 p.m.

    just to check (as there are obviously more participant countries than we have evenings together) -- do we have to fit all of our cultures in one evening or are there several? so i'd know if there's enough time to explain all of the interesting aspects of estonian rural architecture between 1890-1930 in detail :)

    to be honest, i'm not such a great fan of national identity lately.. so knowing the time we have would really help me plan ahead and make something up.

    also, is there equipment for video presentations?