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Why use data

Why use data?


  • watch the video clip below,
  • answer the quiz below, and
  • decide if you want to take the course!


1. How many near misses did the motorcyclist have before he got fed up and bought a tank on ebay? Answer: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

2. Was the motorcyclist using daylight running lights? (yes/no)

3. The motorcyclist's clothing wasn't bright and conspicuous enough (yes/no)

4. Injuries to motorcyclists that arise from these kinds of incidents (cars pulling out in front in front of motorcyclists) are a major problem in Devon/wherever you live (yes/no)

5. Would the motorcyclist have been at lower risk if he had been using daylight running lights? (yes/no)

6. Was the motorcyclist's riding gear sufficiently bright? (yes/no)

7. If, instead of a bearded middle age man the video was about Jedward riding around Devon (or somewhere near you) on a Motorcycle-Sidecar combination, do you think that drivers would be more or less likely to pull out in front of them? (yes/no)


Hopefully these questions have made you think a little about what we might know about motorcycle injuries.   Your task is to write three sentences on what evidence (from studies, from data etc.) we need in order to really answer question 4 - is this is a common injury type.

Task Discussion