posted message: Just added a video explaining the use of the <audio> tag to play background music and sound effects:
posted message: I just added a new example code file showing how to use the tag and the Audio object to load and play background music and sound effects:
posted message: I added a new video: Explains the difference between deep copy and shallow copy; also pass-by-reference vs. pass-by value.
posted message: New video at Explains the geometry you need to find the intersection points of moving objects with the edges of obstacles.
posted message: More new content -- just added example code (finally!) for lesson 4.2. It demonstrates friction, acceleration, gravity, and jumping.
posted message: I'm back! Hey everybody, sorry for no updates for so long. I've had deadlines for writing Test Pilot 1.2, the mobile phone version of Test Pilot, and I've also been training an intern. But I'm back with new content: I just added example code for lesson 4.4 - it's a simple "platform game" which demonstrates how to find the contact points between a moving player and the edges of platforms and obstacles.
posted message: Hey, check out the winning game from the MIT HTML 5 game development contest, "Dots":
posted message: Hey everybody, Sorry it's been so long since I posted new contents for this course. I'll make it up to you soon.
posted message: Added more examples and the final video explanation (for "dealing with slowdown") to the Lesson 3 page.
posted message: Hi again, I just added a video to the Lesson 4 (Physics!) page introducing the basics of forces, acceleration, and velocity.
posted message: Hello, I added collision detection example code to the Lesson 4 page. How long can you dodge the falling blocks?
posted message: Just made a task page for the next step of the main project - prototyping your game. If there is something unique that your game will require, that you want to prototype but your'e not sure how, then please ask!
posted message: Added more content to the Lesson 3 page - video explaining sprite animation, and sample code for controlling animation speed in the face of slowdown.
posted message: Krabat -- I'll get to writing comments on your (and everyone else's) Canvas code tonight or tomorrow. Sorry I'm so far behind on that! In the meantime, anyone want to help Krabat out with some peer review?
posted message: Video explanation added for 3.3, the "animating a sprite" example. Take a look on the Lesson 3 page.
posted message: Hey game developers! I have an important announcement about the schedule of this course. The week we're in was originally supposed to be Week 4 of the syllabus. However, I've gotten way behind due to Mozilla user-research duties. I'm still posting up Week 3 contents, and it looks like many of you are still working on the exercises from Week 2. So I'm thinking, how about we let the schedule slip back a little bit, and extend the course for another week at the end in order to cover the material? If nobody has any objections, we'll just call this "Week 3" and go on from here. Let me know if that's OK with you.
posted message: I just added a video explanation of how scrolling works to the Lesson 3 page. Check it out.
posted message: Hello, I just posted some more sample code for week 3 -- this one shows how to animate a sprite with several frames of animation all stored in a single image file (for quicker loading).
posted message: Hi everyone, I just added three new videos. Lesson 2 now has video explanations for examples 2.6 - explaining arcs and transparent colors -- and 2.7 - explaining translation, rotation, and scaling transformations. Lesson 3 has a video explaining how to use Javascript's built-in Math object to do angles, distances, and random numbers.
posted message: Hey everybody, I just put up the first content for Week 3 - there is some sample code demonstrating how to do horizontal scrolling at It will especially be of interest to those of you making side-scrollers. It can also be easily modified for scrolling in any direction.