posted message: Do ARGS (Alternate Reality Games) naturally reflect student passion? Consider the recent Hunger Games phenomenon of local Advanced Placement/college level freshmen) who decided via "spontaneous educational combustion" to hold their own Hunger Games, based out of love of the dystopian texts. Three students became rule makers in the Capitol-esque structure, and points were decided upon for the initial "interviews of tributes" from the various "districts" who were simply assigned a color and partner: the "tributes" had to come up with an industry. Rules are given on Facebook for each event. By considering the original :rules" and format presented in the text, they found an online and physical space to reflect learning: In essence, an ARG.
posted message: Here's a cool way to "animate" students of poetry who haven't quite figured out the beauty of the medium and that it's about THEM. Ask students in groups (or solo) to create an Animoto to express the essence of a poem as these students have done here.