posted message: Hey Jos - Yes, external links currently create automatic wall posts. This is something others have commented on, and there seems to be agreement that we need some way of controlling the activity stream that hits your wall. There isn't a great work-around until the next release, except that you could create a "task" called "external resources" and add your external links to that task.
posted message: @zuzelvp - I think a task for discussion of tools makes sense. +1
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What's the purpose/goal of this group? I think the title is misleading - people interested in how P2PU works, are probably better served by the Help Desk:

Could we change the title to something less misleading/confusing? Maybe "Open sourcing education" or "Using open models for online education"?

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Hey Joe - We are only adding threaded discussion for the next milestone, so it's not possible to reply to your posts for now. All good questions and ideas though.