posted message: Excuse the delay...check it out! Help us spread the word -- your blog posts are being aggregated here:
posted message: I heard there were more than 20 of you convening on the IRC after class today -- excellent! The IRC is there for meet-ups re: collaboration, discussion on your final projects & everything in between.
posted message: Hey all, just a short note to let you know I'll be creating a task for your 250 word final project summaries in the next couple of days...(or by Monday, at any rate) in case you're wondering where to post this...happy weekends all! :)
posted message: In case you're looking: lecture etherpads are found in the sidebar under 'external links'
posted message: Great to see so many keen chatters on BBB today! :) In case you're wondering: the chat logs will be posted with lecture etherpads. Today's is pasted at the bottom of the Lecture 2 etherpad (See "External Links" in the sidebar):
posted message: Interested in collaborating on an idea? Read this proposal from @Stijn for fellow lab learners: