This course is based off of works at and

This course is still in development but the course is open for enrollment now. There are currently no start/end dates, so feel free to come and go as you please.

Age range - 10+

Time needed for course - 2+ hours

Introduce yourself to the community - 5 minutes

Arduino IDE* - 10 minutes

MaKey Add-On for Arduino IDE - 10 minutes

MaKey drivers for Windows - 5 to 10+ minutes

Non-Mac operating system steps - 5 to 10+ minutes (not always easy on unsupported systems)

MaKey MaKey sketch - 5 minutes

Reprogramming basic sketch - 5-10+ minutes

One or more of the following - 30 minutes

  • Post screenshots/video of any technical steps
  • Post/complete a peer exercise in the course
  • Help a peer in this course
  • Walk a peer through reprogramming (online or offline)
  • Help with content
  • Etc

If you get stuck, there are resources such as this community to help along the way.

This course is ongoing so don't feel like you have to leave after you get your badges. We will always welcome positive engagement here!


  1. A goal is to collect existing resources and create new ones that better help users reprogram their MaKey MaKey and become familiar with the concepts (MaKey Add-On, MaKey drivers if needed, MaKey sketch, Arduino IDE, other concepts needed for their specific operating system, etc)
  2. Another important goal is to offer a learning environment for peer-based tinkering related to reprogramming the MaKey through experimentation in the Arduino programming language.
  3. Get more feedback on what this course should look like!


One benefit of the Arduino Installer badge and the MaKey MaKey Reprogrammer badge is that peers who might need help will know they can ask you questions when they stumble with installing Arduino or reprogramming their MaKey MaKey. The Tutorial Tutor badge aims to promote peers creating resources for courses but can be achieved within this Reprogramming MaKey MaKey course if related and unique resources are created and shared here.

Challenges/concerns and how you can help

  • I would like to get more feedback and collaboration to help shape how this course evolves. As is, I have been able to help guide a user through reprogramming using resources in this course but there's still some work to be done and I am certain that others have useful ideas on how we can improve this course. Please help with feedback about any current element of this course and consider joining as an organizer!
  • I would like to better fill out walk-throughs for specific operating systems and begin collecting exercises from others in this community. If you have already reprogrammed your MaKey but would like to help support newer peers, please consider creating projects as contributed resources and I will link to them in this course's related areas. Resources can include anything positive, unique in some way, respectful, and substantive. Materials can be instructions for basic reprogramming exercises to try, screenshots of Arduino installation and MaKey reprogramming for specific operating systems, etc. A concern is to also have offline resources more readily available and resources that can be easily printed out. Please consider contributing to this community's resources!
  • We need enrolled participants! Please join this course and consider completing activities and badges!
  • We need to get the word out! Please consider sharing this course with anyone you think might be interested!
  • Clone this course! Please feel free to clone this course using a different approach such as participation mechanics, changes to content modules, etc.

Thanks for stopping by, this course is still being developed. Collaborating cohorts as enrolled participants welcome at any time!

*: The IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. This is a program where you can view, rewrite or create sketches (Arduino programs) for the MaKey MaKey.