What is a game? (Define)

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While play is found in many species within the animal kingdom, games appear to be a uniquely human creation. Think back as far as you can to the first time you remember playing a game. What was it? Who introduced it to you? What made it memorable? Let's take a moment to explore games, what they mean to us both personally and culturally.


  • Identify and explain the purpose of games in human culture

  • Identify the common components of a game

In a post to the task thread:

  • Create a working definition of a game (in the broadest sense)

  • Explain how games have affected and have themselves been affected by human culture.

  • Select at least one other peer's contribution and evaluate it using the Peer Interaction prompt

Peer Interaction:
Discuss the ideas of and identify gaps in the work of your peers and reflect on their contributions as they apply to your own post/analysis.

Things to think about:
As this course has no geopolitical borders, it is important to remember that we all have different cultural and regional contexts in which we live that are not necessarily universal. With that in mind, craft your answers as if you were sharing your work with an anthropologist from another planet. Providing deep explanations rather than shallow, superficial responses will go a long way in ensuring that you are understood!


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