Week 3: Find the materials with the rights you need - April 1

Thanks to those who joined the Google hangout! It is available to watch on YouTube.

Topics for discussion at virtual meetup

  1. Discuss results of the Get CC Savvy challenge. What questions do you and/or your students still have? Do you get it?
  2. Share experiences on where we usually look for and find materials for use in the classroom. Do we have the rights to use these materials? Other than rights, what limits the types of materials we can use?
  3. How and where to search for educational resources and other media by CC license and in the public domain.

Your mission for the week:

(due Sunday, April 7)

  • Based on the topic you chose in Week 1, complete Tasks 2-3 of Teach Someone Something with Open Content.
  • Blog about your experience searching for open content at the cc4k12 blog. Did you find what you were looking for? How did you know if you could use it or not? Share what worked (new search tips!) and what didn't for you.
  • Bonus: Share your favorite K-12 resources with each other! Why are they so great and how do you use them? Are they open?

Additional resources on how to search for CC-licensed content:

Tools for keeping track of your resources:


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