posted message: We got some really great discussion going from Kim and Kevin yesterday in response to my question about Bernini. Some themes touched upon were the continuity between Baroque art and Renaissance art via Mannerism. This is an interesting way to look at how artistic traditions develop out of past traditions. Also, Kim posed the interesting comparison of Caravaggio and Bernini, which got me thinking about the very different public personae of these two men. (Bernini was a favorite of the Church and kept up with elite society, whereas Caravaggio is famous for rubbing shoulders with an "underworld.") So I'd like to pose Kim's question in light of the public personae of these men. Do you think their art relates to their public images? How so?
posted message: Hi All & Happy Thursday! I wanted to follow up on the possibility of chats now that there's been some response from many of you. It looks like we might not all be able to agree on a time. (And for those of you who don't want to participate, that's fine too!) I am available weekdays and think it might make sense to do something on Friday afternoons. I will be available tomorrow at 4:00 (EST) using the p2pu chat function. I know this may not work for some of you, so please feel free to set up other times to chat with the group's participants, as works for you!
posted message: Weekly Chats Just following up on the possibility of conducting weekly live chats for this group. Is this something that appeals to everyone? If not, this can be an optional feature for those who are interested. It has come to my attention that we can use the chat features on this site, which might make the most sense. Also, we could do a couple of chat times to accommodate differing schedules. Chime in, please!
posted message: Hello, Participants! We're at mid-week now and I thought I'd throw out a general discussion question to you all to get the gears in motion. I'd love to hear your thoughts. And feel free to post your own questions & comments to get discussion moving! Question: What traits do the following sculptures by Bernini share: David, Pluto and Proserpina, and Apollo and Daphne? What would you say is quintessentially "Baroque" about these traits and why are they important?
posted message: Hi, all! Hope the beginning of our first week is going well for everyone. I wanted to reply to Kevin's post and say that Skype works for me. What about the rest of the group? If need be, we can always set up a couple of different live chat times to accommodate the varying schedules of all of the participants. Let us know your thoughts!
posted message: Hello participants! We have a good group going, so I think we're about ready to officially begin our study group. Let's consider next week "week one" and aim to complete the work for that week ("Week One, Italy & Spain") by the end of next week. Work at whatever pace makes the most sense for you and your schedule, but aim to finish by the end of the week, so we can all move along together. Post comments on this wall as you have them and pose any questions that you have. The more active we are in this space, the more we learn from each other! Also, I think it would make sense to try to set up a weekly live chat. How do others feel about this? And any ideas as to what the best forum might be for this? Skype? GChat? Something else?
posted message: In other news, it has come to my attention that I as "facilitator" of this study group, I should make my role in the group as clear as possible. I see myself as organizer of our group more than teacher. I have organized the course in what I hope is a logical way and will let the materials speak for themselves. In this forum, we can then mull over what we've read and watched and ask each other questions, make observations, etc. I see this as a chance for each of us to learn from one another; I do not see myself as leading the group once we begin the course. I encourage you all to be as active as you're comfortable being. Please consider what you would like your role to be as a peer in this group and let the rest of us know.
posted message: Thank you to those of you who have introduced yourself to the group! For those of you who haven't yet, please take a second and introduce yourself (if you want to). We're leaving signup open for a little while longer, so stay tuned for our official start date. Once we begin, we will work through each of the tasks at our own pace. We will complete each week together, but feel free to move at your own pace within each week. (If you want to do everything in one night, you can do that, though I wouldn't advise it!) We will use this space to reflect upon the materials we cover. I hope that you all will pose questions and thoughts for discussion to the group. We will also set up a weekly chat session for more focused discussion.
posted message: Hi All, I'm the facilitator for this study group and am very much looking forward to discussing the materials we cover with you all. We'll be taking advantage of some very exciting materials available in a course provided by The Saylor Foundation. (Check out their website at Once you're registered as a participant, please tell the group a little bit about yourself here. About me: I'm a PhD candidate with a focus on "Early Modern Art of the Mediterranean" (i.e. Renaissance and Baroque Art). And I unabashedly love studying this stuff! Please note that registration will be open for a little bit longer to get a substantial group of people participating. Looking forward to working with you all! Liz Lebrun