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posted message: Dear Mentors, Annalise shared that the final project is due April 13th and I am requesting a deadline extension to the week of April 23rd to give the girls Easter week off so that they may travel to be with families. I know that coaches would also like this time off to be with family. If you would help us advocate for this extra time, that would be great. Thanks for all your work today. The girls shared how much fun they had and are really looking forward to the 12 weeks of learning that they will experience with your guidance. Great Job!
posted message: Eloisa and I were thinking how great it would be to have Heather do a presentation on how to market the girls' apps! We can schedule it for a day where all the girls are there. Thoughts?
posted message: Hello, ICA Mentors! Just a friendly reminder: If you would please arrive promptly at 3:00 p.m. on December 11th at ICA, so that we may begin the meeting at 3:15. Our faculty meeting actually begins at 1:45 and we have slated the Technovation Introduction for 3:15. Katie will be giving a brief overview of the program to our faculty and staff and we will ask you each to introduce yourselves (where you work and why you've decided to join the program). Our address again is 3625 24th Street between Fair Oaks and Guerrero. The main entrance is on 24th. Just ring the bell and the main office will buzz you in. I will meet you all there and walk you over to the meeting. Really looking forward to seeing you all.