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Week 2 - Transmedia

Presentation on Slideshare: Quick Overview of Transmedia
Livebinder Tab: Transmedia

Tonight, we will be learning, discussing, and brainstorming about transmedia uses in alternate reality games. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea of transmedia (or multiplatform) usage, take a look at this Wikipedia entry on transmedia storytelling

We will be defining transmedia, viewing some material (including a video and several websites), emphasizing the importance of proper transmedia use, and then producing a list of possible means of transmedia that will be compiled in a document and posted here. 

You will definitely be thinking outside of the box for this session, so make sure you have your super powers at the ready and be prepared to consider hundreds of possibilities for transmedia in an ARG! 

Time: 6pm SLT / 6pm PDT
Location: SLurl for Front Range Location (Look for the shiny round table!)

Task Discussion