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Primary Sources

Your advocacy project will need to draw on material from primary sources. Begin to identify these sources which often include:

  • existing documentaries
  • local and regional news outlets
  • lawmakers and politicians
  • activist organizations and individuals
  • academic and scientific studies
  • local faith groups and orgnizations
  • community members affecting or affected by the issue

As this list grows, consider the relevance, bias, prominence, and relationship of each source in regard to your chosen issue.


  1. Create a list of as many primary resources as your team can find and/or think of. This list does not have to be initially comprehensive as it can grow over time.
  2. If time permits, create a chart with concentric circles (i.e. a target) and place most or all of your primary resources on the chart. The more central your source is in relationship to the issue, the more central the source will be placed on the concentric rings.
  3. Submit the results of this excercise to your public team space and share your results with members of this course via this page.

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