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Grow Mozilla

Help build awareness about Mozilla and its mission.

While hundreds of millions of people use Firefox, not all of them know about Mozilla's non-profit mission. You probably know some of these people.

Talk to three friends or family members about Mozilla's mission and its projects. If they seem interested, let them know how they can support the mission by using Mozilla products, making a financial contribution, or getting involved.

Task Discussion

  • Michelle Thorne said:

    Here it'd be helpful to link to Mozilla's mission, and maybe even call out the key compontents of it.

    Also, a nice next step would be to on-board someone else through this challenge. 

    Agree that it'd be helpful to have further challenges:

    • Creating and using etherpad.
    • Using the wiki
    • Setting up your email address. (so hard!)
    • Participating in team calls and the weekly web makers call.
    • Meet Mozilla projects, which includes an overview & way to get involved in the main Mozilla projects.
    on Nov. 28, 2011, 8:37 a.m.