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Audience #2: Give Mutual Support

This task contains recommendations for both specific and ongoing tasks.

Specific Support

Choose one or more blogs from the "Audience #1: Post your Blog to the Group" task.

Spend at least 30 minutes perusing the blog.

Comment on a post or multiple posts on the external blog site.

Tell us which blog you read (with link) and give two sentences of constructive feedback on the blog site as a whole or the post(s) you read.

How to respond

You can create your response in the comments below, or you can write your feedback within your own blog and share your responses here in the comments.

Ongoing Support

Continue to read and review blog posts from study group participants. Provide constructive feedback to the blog authors via their blog comments and using this study group.

Task Discussion

  • MissEducated   Jan. 23, 2012, 3:59 p.m.

    I read KITCHEN ILLITERATE and went well over 30 minutes. I love the blog! here are a few of my notes:

    • OVERALL- the blog is beautiful. I like how it's simple, clean, and refreshing to the eye.
    • The pictures are amazing. The lighting, the positioning, the serving dishes, and of course the food...everything was pleasing to look at.
    • BLOG: "FIRST WEEK OF 2012"
      • I absolutely LOVED the pictures as I said before.
      • it was short but it was informative!
    • BLOG:"Reflections On October Unprocessed"
      • this blog offered a nice perspective on the idea
      • I appreciated your full honesty