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The New Academic/Senior/Adult Curriculum


The intended start date  for this task was to begin anytime after Sunday 1-06-2013 But I  decided it was a good idea to come back and finish where I left off at taking  a moderately estimated pace My commitment to continue to lead  participants of the P2PU community to attain a certain degree of moral stability has arrived with the amount of academic adult/senior curriculum and the length of time the participants can expect to work together is timeless In conclusion let's point out the  latest discussion of a P2PU community attaining a free curriculum degree of  Early College High School  Initiative which is useful for senior/adult participants trying to figure out what's right for them such as getting into college early which isn't easy being accepted as older students 18 and older.

However such roadblocks should not stop the academic senior adult  if they are serious about going to college  before they finish four years of high school  Even though as a independent senior/adult formally admitted  for example  to ABC college and  taking college courses since she was 60 at both 123 High School and ABC College where her father taught in the business school  living on campus that first semester as a full time student proved challenging and technically the independent senior/adult  was homeschooled off campus and on between sixth grade and high school.

As a independent and highly motivated learner the independent senior/adult pursued her own interests reading in a wide variety of disciplines she was also a serious organ player  took music courses  at ABC College and performed before  audiences both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles from the time she was 13 years old After focusing on music and literature  for two years as an extramural student the senior/adult decided she was ready to go to college full time.

The fact that she had college transcripts and grades helped a lot She wasn't required to take the Ohio State Regents exams but she did have to prepare a portfolio of the things she had done taken. The senior/adult won a special scholarship to the Tellall Program a self governing cooperative program run by students who live and eat together It's a very challenging program and she had to submit an essay and be screened by those already living on campus.

There are special events special lectures given by professors for Tellall residents and much more  The senior/adult was the oldest person there one of only two seniors and socially saying it's a hot potato It's an exciting and intellectual commune and while she was in the system it took many hours of her time For someone like the senior/adult who had spent several years not isolated but leading a pretty solitary existence the experience proved overwhelming.

At first she tried to treat her social and living situation somewhat like another college course However it became clear to her that the hot potato she dropped on herself to succeed  was over the top  It was beginning to affect her health So after the first semester she decided It was a good idea to go back home take her classes and step back This gave her a chance to think about what she really wanted from her college experience .

By the beginning of her sophomore year  the senior/adult  felt confident enough to go back on campus and live in one of the regular dorms with friends She had the option of returning to Tellall at any time during her college years since music has always been an important part of her life  The senior/adult thought about what she loved and hated most  about the music scene.

The thing I dread most is performing solo concerts  But performing in ensembles  especially chamber music is something I love As a result of this understanding The senior/adult began to enjoy music and took a course in conducting Shortly after she graduated from ABC College the senior/adult moved to Reno where she gave herself the opportunity to try some new P2PU activities.

One of them was acting She decided that music was her first love and today she is involved in music She teaches classical music plays in an neo-soul r & b band composes neo-soul music and is having the time of her life. Constructing a good task is crucial to the peer learning process but it doesn't matter how old you are Early College Admission is a wise choice from smart kids to the new academic senior/adult P2PU Community.

Task Discussion