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Outline your first lesson

First, choose a level and stage for which you are going to create a lesson. Then, choose one of the stage's learning goals as the subject of your first lesson. Learning goals are listed under the lesson type which we think will most naturally teach them. Create a new lesson of that type using the shortcut at the bottom of the curriculum stage page.

Now, choose some elements (e.g. pictures, words or grammatical structures) matching with the learning goal you want to teach. For example, when teaching about relative position, you might refer to basic vocabulary terms like "above", "below" or "next to". Then, start building some learning material using these elements. The learning material will vary depending on the type of lesson you are making, but sentences are a great place to start for all of them. Think of sentences that highlight the elements you have chosen. For example, when teaching about relative position, you might build sentences similar to "The pen is on the table", using various words to indicate distinct positions.

Focusing on the particular aspect you are trying to teach should guide you in picking what elements to use. Don't worry about expanding or explaining the lesson yet: your task right now is just to put together the key material you want to teach in your first lesson. We will cover how to expand and explain that information in the next task. Feel free to post the learning material you have assembled in this task's discussion thread, and to comment on the learning material assembled by your peers.

Task Discussion