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Web Tools for Managing Learning Resources

Organize the your material in a way that it can be accessed and shared

Learning resources can in be shared, reused and remixed as Open Educational Resources (OER).  Describe how you will organize your material in a way that makes it accessible for your own development.  This is sometimes called your Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and there are four elements that manage the flow of information:   

Aggregate (collect content peoples, social networks and other online content service providers)

Remix (organize content from several different sources in different ways)

Repurpose (edit, modify or create new content)

Feed forward (send the content to subscribers and other web services)

(Source: Theory of Learning Networks, Stephen Downes 2004)

The bonus assignment is to make it avaialbe for the rest of the world as an Open Educational Resource.

Example: I'm developing this course in WikiEducator and am using eXe to author the learning resource.  This makes it possible to export in IMS Content Package, SCORM 1.2, or IMS Common Cartridge formats or as simple self-contained web pages.

Task Discussion

  • ericaeducator said:

    Well, I could easily develop this course group without using any sort of HTML markup, but as far as creating a web resource like the eCollege course shell or the Wikispaces website, it's quite possible for teachers to visit my wiki, request access and then right click their mouse to see the CSS markup of each page I've created within my wiki.  The other alternative would be to encourage teachers to use Mozilla's newest release, Popcorn or Thimble, which has the same code workaround theme as eXe, but is a more recently developed resource.   

    on July 28, 2013, 5:49 p.m.
  • Jonathan Jarc said:

    Scorm compliant coursework is so important. I think that anyone developing content online for students to interact with needs to understand the commonality of SCORM. It is the HTML of online learning. If you have an LMS you use at your school, and it is of any value, it will be able to accept SCORM compliant course packages like those generated in exe. 

    on Nov. 29, 2012, 1:11 p.m.