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* READ ME first

Welcome to the P2PU School of Ed group for Connected Educator Month, which runs for the whole month of August.

Whether you are brand new to being a connected educator or whether you are an experienced social media butterfly, this group is for you! Our plans for this group are for it to be:

  • a community site where we can all talk about what it means to be a "connected educator" and learn from each other
  • a place to extend the conversations from events that are occurring all around the web for Connected Educator month
  • a launching pad for more connected activities after August

There are a variety of tasks here that you can explore. Please feel free to pick and choose and participate in what's useful to you! There is no special order these tasks need to be done in. Any particularly critical tasks will be marked with a *.

And if you have an idea for another discussion you'd like to pursue, you can either message this group's organizers or just jump in and create a new task yourself.

Welcome, and we hope you gain new knowledge and friendships in the month we spend together!


Background on Connected Eductor Month

The Connected Educators initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. Many educators are involved in online communities and networks that advance their personal learning and enrich their classroom practice. Many others though aren't yet participating.

For this reason, Connected Educator Month will run throughout August 2012. It will include a wide variety of opportunities to participate in events and activities in various online locations to develop skills and enhance one’s personal learning network.

Task Discussion