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Task: Hot Topic or Cabinet of Curiosities

Will you focus on a niche topic or make a broader collection of things that interest you?


The term "Curating" makes most people think of museums, but it may be valuable to think of curation in the terms of different metaphors. 

One way to look at curation, is to think of your curation platform as a scrapbook. The scissors on the Curator Badge represent the "clipping" of digital stories to your scrapbook. Stories can be news items, links to web pages, images, or any kind of content. 

Another way to look at Content Curation is to think of quilting. Alison Jean Cole said she thought of curation as a process like sewing. It is the Curator's task to "sew" together different stories, ideas, and images to make a new work.

What does a Curator need to do? Curators don't just collect links on their platform. Curators also Add Value to the stories they collect, and, most importantly, the give credit to the original content producers.

Quilt Museum

International Quilt Museum (CC BY-SA Maureen Ose)

Robert Scoble suggests that a new curator should focus on a niche, something very specific that no one else is doing like curating content about the pets that live at the White House. However, if you want more of the Cabinet of Curiosities feel, you can curate content from a broader theme. An example of a niche Hot Topic would be The Loch Ness Monster, a broader theme would be something like Unexplained Phenomenon (which would include Nessie as well as Bigfoot, Crop Circles, and Alien Abductions). 

For further information, you can check out Robin Good's Organizing and Curating Content on a Subject May Actually Be The Best Way To Learn It

What Topic or Theme would you like to curate? share in a comment below. 

Discusión de la Tarea

  • odonlife dijo:

    As a "new curator" I will take Mr. Scoble's advice and focus on a niche that I can master.  Putting personal interests aside, I would like to work towards compiling all the current and historic images of the University of South Florida (USF).  As the administrator of the USF repository my ultimate goal would be to ingest this content into our USF Historical Images Gallery, but even having links to all the available images would meet my goal.   Moving forward I would like to incorporate this curation into an active campus map.

    en 19 de agosto de 2014 a las 12:45
  • v4lent1na dijo:

    I curate content for a collaborative creative writing project.

    en 3 de agosto de 2013 a las 16:09
  • bxbx dijo:

    I curate content about China and (specifically) my city, Shanghai

    en 25 de julio de 2013 a las 05:17
  • Forsure Yunome dijo:

    I curate a fairly broad selection of personal interest topics via

    I'm going to incorporate proper attribution habits I hope to learn here at P2Pu into my 3 blogs and my pearltrees.

    en 7 de mayo de 2013 a las 05:25
  • Sami_Sam_Sam dijo:

    Hi, everyone! I am a library science student who is interested in promoting higher quality service to underserved populations.

    I want to curate LGBT youth literature and resources for this course. 

    en 6 de mayo de 2013 a las 06:25
  • Andy Crowe dijo:


    I'm a training teacher and I'm really interested in open education (like, but would like to work towards one day looking how open education and community education can come together.

    So I guess the cabinet would be Education, and the niche would be Open & Community driven education.


    en 28 de enero de 2013 a las 01:58
  • Leonie McGlashan dijo:

    I'm going to concentrate of gathering and ordering science education resources.

    en 23 de enero de 2013 a las 04:53
  • Seinsch dijo:


    I work as a digital strategist (ad agency) and am increasingly interested in the battle over data & privacy.  While a hot topic in the news of late, I guess this fits the definition of Cabinet of Curiosities as it spans multiple social networks and may include viewpoints from users, brands and social media companies alike.

    Looking forward to co-learning with you!

    en 28 de diciembre de 2012 a las 00:29
  • Jim K dijo:


    Niche topic or broader interests.... Hmmm.

    I will probably revisit one of my Blogs on a niche topic and focus on that. There are of course links out to broader interests, but the links will not be a collection as such, just items I may reference in the topic.

    This is also for experiential learning. I develop eLearning resources, and this exercise will be putting myself in the seat of a person who uses learning resources and information in an educational environment.

    Flipboard looks interesting...   another item for me to explore......

    en 11 de diciembre de 2012 a las 22:17
  • kgalls dijo:


    As a business owner, private tutor, classroom teacher of Math and Spanish, and the Technology Coordinator for my school, I am interested in technology in the classroomas a broad topic. As I narrow my topic, I realize my focus becomes the following: How can I optimize the technology I have in my classroom for the best student performace?

    The platforms that I plan to use are Pinterest and blogging.


    en 25 de noviembre de 2012 a las 13:59
  • Bea Peña dijo:

    Hi, my name is Beatriz. I´m from Spain.

    I am interested in curating about young contemporary literature. I work with teenagers and I want they become interested in reading and developing writing skills. 





    en 20 de noviembre de 2012 a las 06:54
  • Natalie M dijo:

    I am interested in curation in general, as a concept and also in how the Internet is impacting the act of curation.

    I am interested in small space living - planning, space management, the psychology of it, etc, and will try using Pearltrees (a tool that is new to me). 

    en 8 de noviembre de 2012 a las 21:54

    Luis dijo:



    From my experience with Pearltrees, it is just a different way to visualize a tree of bookmarks (folders and items). It allows you to put notes, images and write comments in each node. I think it is appealing from a esthetic point of view, but I don't see it adds much more functionality than delicious may offer. Maybe, if it allowed to create relations between nodes (so you can create arrows to relate elements and define these relations somehow) it could be more useful.

    Anyway, it's worth using it and see if it fits your needs.

    en 10 de noviembre de 2012 a las 17:12 en Respuesta a Natalie M
  • Sheraz dijo:

    Hi my name is Sheraz and currently leading a community effort of curating content for a educational platform, Citelighter. Our content curators are responsible for sharing their knowledge and research on academic topics on our Knowledge Base. Also, learn more about the online curation landscape here

    en 5 de noviembre de 2012 a las 16:11
  • Luis dijo:

    I would like to do some initial research around the topic of the Tragedy of the Commons, which I'm quite interested. I think I'll start using Evernote as the curating tool, although I'd like to try other ones, such as Pearltrees.

    en 30 de octubre de 2012 a las 16:10
  • firewire2879 dijo:

    information overload. finding a way to put it all together.

    I will pick a specific subject to curate either

    • spooky infrared photography (gothic black and white) fall is here or
    • retro video games of the 1980s ads, popular games, etc

    I will use either pininterest or as my curate tools

    en 22 de septiembre de 2012 a las 02:59
  • Susan McClements dijo:

    I teach computer applications at a high school in South Bend, Indiana. We are part of the New Tech Network of schools. All students have MacBook Pro laptops. This is our second year and I feel the need for the students to learn how to curate content and think deeply in their projects.  In this challange I will continue with the topics I'm interested in such as problem-based learning and educational technology. I also want to be able to help my fellow teachers learn how to become connected learners.


    en 6 de agosto de 2012 a las 20:43
  • Thomas Ho dijo:

    I think I'll "step up" my EDUCATION curation efforts at my Facebook's currently propelled by my "education" tag at Diigo

    en 6 de agosto de 2012 a las 11:28

    Hi All!


    I'm a fashion designer so, i'm interested to research about fashion and curate content in my blogs about this topic.




    en 30 de julio de 2012 a las 13:18
  • catie dijo:

    Aloha everyone, 

    I would like to curate content about Monsanto's presence and network in Hawai'i.


    en 24 de julio de 2012 a las 02:12

    Christopher Crawford dijo:

    That would be pretty interesting, we had a large Monsanto manufacturing plant in my hometown- it was like  a seperate city. 

    en 24 de julio de 2012 a las 08:34 en Respuesta a catie
  • Casie dijo:

    Hi Everyone, 

    I'm  interested in curating information on early movement, kinesthletic learning and reading readiness for young children. As a gymnastics coach who is passionate about early movement for youth, I find there is much information out there for me to learn about as well as share with others.

    en 17 de julio de 2012 a las 14:31