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Asking for feedback from the community.

This task supports a key pieces of the writing process -- getting and giving feedback. While not required, this is an option for all resource creators

As a resource creator within Digital Is, you may request feedback on draft resources you create. Your request for feedback will be visible only to other resource creators within the community. You will also have the ability to see feedback requests from other resource creators and respond to them.

This is optional. If you have other writing practices, such as going live and getting response and feedback in public spaces, you are also welcome to do so and skip this step. However, if you'd like a small group to respond first, this feedback process can be very supportive.

Learn more about how this works here:

We have some suggestions too about the feedback process gathered from years of working together as teachers and learners. Here are some things to keep in mind when requesting,, giving or receiving feedback from the community.

To complete this task we encourage to you give feedback to at least one other member of the Digital Is community who has requested it and then ask for feedback on your resource draft. If you wish to go live without requesting feedback, you are welcome to do that too.

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