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Become an Advanced Networked Teacher [#ANT12]

  In education schools create coherence based on ‘Conceptual Orientation’ (i.e. sense making) illustrating how theories and knowledge are related.  Following the emerging trend of Distributed Learning Environments used in Networked Learning, teachers also need to include ‘Spatial Orientation’ (i.e. way finding) to answer questions like: Where do I find useful Learning Resources (i.e. salience)?  How are these resources interconnected (i.e. pattern recognition)?  What is the underlying message (i.e. trajectory)? 

  During this course you will create, deliver and manage an educational event that aggregates the latest work from participants within the cohort into one location.  This allows Peer-to-Peer (P2P) learning and keep the work they do in their own Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  The experience from this course will turn into a multi-levelled badges program awarded from peer to peer evaluation.

 Our first online course “Teachers Open Online Learning for Professional Development” [ #TOOL12] (16/1-24/3, 2012) investigated what new skills and capacities teachers need to develop in 'Networked Literacy & Fluency'.  We then shared some thoughts on some criteria for badges/certification as a ‘Networked Teacher’.  This was a peer to peer course at P2PU and resulted in our community badges as well as our mission statement. 

  In the second online course “The Use of Web Tools in Networked Learning” [#CNT12] (16/4-4/5, 2012) we used examples from WikiEducator using the eLearning XHTML editor (eXe).  We also created the challenge “Certified Networked Teacher” and developed a skill badge that can be use within the open badges framework.


   This module is called “Syndicated Education in Distributed Learning Environments” and the next module will be about expert skills as a networked teacher [#ENT12] with “Central Node in Learning Networks

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