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Who are you and what is your "enterprise"?

In this task, we'll get to know each other a bit and tell about the enterprise we're each focusing on for this challenge.

Post a comment to introduce yourself here.

Give a short description of the "enterprise" you want to focus on for this challenge. It can be a business, a non-profit, an event, a hobby, a special project, or any pursuit that needs marketing, which is almost everything. Make sure you are specific and tell why you are passionate about it.

Discusión de la Tarea

  • Oki Onome O. dijo:

    My name is Oki Onome. My enterprise is Connectcom. The website is It is under reconstruction. We are into Electrical installation contracts, communication equipments sales and website designing. We just got started. Though connectcom had be registered for seven yrs now. I expect a clearer vision and a workable road map.
    en 4 de junio de 2012 a las 03:37
  • Jenifferhomes dijo:

    at times there are tasks are no longer in the proper order. This makes it difficult for new students. Does anyone know how to put them back in the proper order? And does anyone remember the right order of the tasks (a new student asked me).

    en 3 de mayo de 2012 a las 08:25

    karen dijo:

    Are you talking about some other course? (The tasks in this group are in the right order.) In other groups, the tasks can be reordered by clicking the arrows next to each task to move them up or down. Hope this helps.

    en 4 de mayo de 2012 a las 11:34 en Respuesta a Jenifferhomes
  • dhebblethwaite dijo:

    My enterprise is a maritime museum.  

    We haven't changed much for 20 years but it is now time to do so.

    The story we have to tell is amazing. And the relationship people in our city have with the sea is amazing. They just don't use our museum to do it!  But I believe they will if we tell them what is here. 

    en 15 de abril de 2012 a las 07:21

    karen dijo:

    Welcome! This sounds like an exciting enterprise and a great opportunity to do some marketing storytelling to rekindle interest.

    Do you have a web link for your museum?

    en 16 de abril de 2012 a las 11:42 en Respuesta a dhebblethwaite

    dhebblethwaite dijo:

    Hi Karen,


    Thanks for getting in touch.


    Yes here it is


    Our branding looks very impressive, and has won international awards, however we know that it isn't actually very successful.  It doesn't acheive the visibility or memorability that we need.  The awareness of our museum in the city is very low (c. 46%).


    What do you think?





    en 16 de abril de 2012 a las 18:03 en Respuesta a karen

    karen dijo:

    It is a beautiful web site.

    I appreciate, though, that you have evaluated the actual effectiveness and "stickiness" (memorability). Many times beautiful, professional design doesn't equal effectiveness.

    Do you think your awareness is lower than you'd like because people don't feel a connection with your mission?

    I think that a strong and often-stated mission combined with some strong stories can help. On the subject of "stickiness" and stories, I like Chip Heath's book Made to Stick. He says that the following are necessary to creating stickiness:

    1. Stimplicity
    2. Unexpectedness
    3. Concreteness
    4. Creditbility
    5. Emotions
    6. Stories

    I like the idea of New Zealand's identity being connected to the sea. I'll be interested to see your thoughts on your mission and vision and how that can serve as the foundation for all your other marketing messaging.

    en 17 de abril de 2012 a las 13:32 en Respuesta a dhebblethwaite