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At P2PU, people work together to learn a particular topic by completing tasks, assessing individual and group work, and providing constructive feedback.

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Activity Wall

    posted message: The course is currently ongoing. We're now in the stage where participants are writing their project proposals. Two participants are in the process of exchanging proposals with each other, to do a review of each others' projects, while another four will be submitting their first drafts this week.
    posted message: Don't forget the workshop on Tuesday when we'll talk about ideas, aims and goals. I've started talking to you regarding the ideas that you have for the course, and it would help if you bring those to the workshop. We'll meet at 17 UTC, so the same time as last meeting. I'll be on a train at the time, which means I'll keep my communication mostly text based during that workshop, but hopefully we should manage still :)
    posted message: Hey Jonas + Participants! P2PU also has an instance of etherpad -> pad.p2pu.org. You are free to use it if you like, but piratepad.net works just the same! Looks like you have quite a diversity of participants, too! I imagine it can be difficult to schedule meetings with such a global crowd. Good thing you're taking notes! Will keep following along.. I hope you all get your CC projects funded! ;-)
    posted message: We just had the first gathering in the course. Great to see everyone so enthusiastic! As promised, for those of you who could not be in the meeting, I've created a writeup with the essential information: http://piratepad.net/APZ2UEdOYF The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 3rd of May at the same time. Hope to see everyone then!
    posted message: Tomorrow, the 26th of April, we'll have our first meeting to talk about the course, the proposals and how we will work in the weeks to come. We will conduct the meeting with Skype this first time, but might change to another tool later. If someone can't attend on Skype tomorrow, please let me know. We'll meet at 17.00 UTC, which means 19.00 if you're in Central Europe, 14.00 in Chile and Brazil, 10.00 in California (USA) and 03.00 the day after in Eastern Australia. I will add those of you who have sent me your Skype ID. Others can add me with the Skype ID jonas-ffkp. Hope to see as many as possible tomorrow!