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Full Description

Please fill out the study group's full description. In this page you could:

  • Describe the purpose of the study group and the learning goals for the tasks within.
    • A generic introduction to the concept of metabolism. Aiming to build a basic set of tools and approaches to help understand the basic effects of our lifestyles on our metabolism.
    • Explore the notion that 'all work and no play makes jack a large boy'
  • Describe your role in this study group. What made you interested in this topic? What do you hope to achieve by organizing the group? Are you an expert, enthusiastic or a novice?
    • My fascination is on human performance. My training is in sports science and physical education. So I want to understand more about how our bodies work and find simple constructive ways to share this knowledge and improve peoples lives
  • Include any prerequisite knowledge or skills needed to participate in the study group, the intended start date, estimated pace, commitment, amount of work, and the length of time the study group can expect to work together (a few days, a few weeks, or forever).
    • No prior knowledge or skills required except the ability to use a web browser and use standard wiki, blog and office tools. 
    • Start date was 16th June 2011
    • End Date 16th August 2011
    • Pace, intended to be leisurely. 10-20mins a week. 
  • Provide any other information that could be useful for people interested in joining the study group. In what ways can participants expect to contribute to the creation of tasks and assessing each others' contributions? What will the final task comprise?
    • This is the  first course I have taught. Therefore I'm keeping it simple. I have a few simple activities planned as course resources and activities. I'll adapt to what works and people prefer as the course unfolds. 

Task Discussion