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Up and at them!!!


This task is about adding a little activity to something you already do. Just 5-10 mins of being up and about instead of lounging around. See the impact it has on how you feel and see if you can make it fun. Tell us what you ended up doing and a little about what you gained and lost in terms of fun, energy, money and anything else that you feel is relevant.

It’s inspired by my wife Kat rewarding herself for getting out and shopping for food by getting takeout. Sure this is indulgent but otherwise she'd have 2-3 takeways, spend more and wouldn't walk as much e.g. wouldn't walk around the supermarket.

My example is that I often eat my meals standing in the kitchen while washing up. Sounds dull right!!! Did I mention the podcasts I’m listening to and that I get to focus on the flavours and textures in my meal. this way I avoid distractions like TV when I eat. I’ve found that if I don’t pay attention to my food when I eat it then I can stay hungry instead of feeling full. When I focus directly on my food I enjoy it much more and really feel full and satisfied so much more. It’s a simple change but it really makes a difference to me.

Washing up is tedious on its own but also really easy. So by mixing it with dinnerI can unwind from my day doing something that needs to be done anyway but not really pay any attention. My focus can be completely on my meal and the podcasts I listen to.

Sure I’m not running around or walking any where. I’m just standing. So I won’t be burning many calories right? Sure but it’s not all about burning calories. I will be strengthening my back and my core a little by standing instead of sitting but on the whole I’ve found that I feel better after standing. I’m not as sleepy so I’m less tired in the evenings.

Task Discussion

  • Thys   July 21, 2011, 9:59 a.m.

    Activity additions?

    At this stage of the course it might still be relevant to make us, the study team members, aware of the types of activities, which we perform already, when we are not sitting.

    The relevant ones might be made more valuable to us, when we perform these longer; e.g. an extra one ot two minutes.