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Syllabus for HTML & CSS from the beginning.

Week 1 - Hello World

We'll introduce ourselves via our blogs and we'll cover your rite of passage - "Hello World". 

Week 2 - Anatomy of tags

We'll cover the basics of the anatomy of tags - opening & closing tags, tag names and their usage. 

Week 3 - More Anatomy

Building on our work from last week we'll look closer at the more advanced natures of tags - attributes and values

Week 4 - Document Structure

Now that you know what a tag is we'll start on document structure, this is where it get's really interesting.

Week 5 - Attaching CSS & basic syntax

How to attach stylesheets to a document, the syntax of CSS and how to apply styles to elements in the HTML document using the 'type selectors'

Week 6 - Descendant, Class & ID selectors

This week you'll learn how to use these three powerful selectors to target any element on the page. 

Week 7 - The Box Model

The end of level boss  is almost ready to fight with you, but you need to master one more weapon - the box model.  Once you know the box model, layouts make much more sense and you'll have all you need to create your final work.

Week 8 - 10 Final Tasks

These will be individual choices, so we'll decide closer to the time. In reality there is no time limit, I'll be here and so will your class mates to help you achieve your goals.

Task Discussion