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Full Description


We will run the course from February 10 through April xx, 2012 in a distributed format.   You will do the majority of work for this course in small local groups who are responsible for organizing your team before February 10th and contextualizing the common curriculum, generously shared by Greg Bixler and Brad Doudican from Ohio State University College of Engineering, for your unique project needs.  All groups will share a common forum for group discussion, can propose and host ad hoc larger-group discussions, and can participate in a live launch event on February 10th, a closing celebration in April, and guest speaker presentations in between.

To get started, clone this course, invite your local project team, and organize your group to meet before February 10th to discuss the curriculum.  One member from each group should sign up for an orientation call January xx.

This course can be run as a supplement to an existing university-level course or as a student-run or community-member-run course.  We are happy to assist you in seeking credit from your host institution.

Task Discussion