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Do you want to make homepages, online games or services? Cool!

Learn by doing

This is an open study group dedicated to the different web technologys building the web. We learn by doing, experimenting and discussing with each other. We might do some projects together or on our own. It´s all up to the members of the group.

There are no specific study material. It´s really no need for it with all the free and great resources online. But we link a lot :D

Great resources

Please share with us the best tutorials and guides you find online about web development. 

Live session/Office hour

I think it will help our learning a lot if we meet live in a video conferance. What do you think?


  1. Remember to fill out your profile at p2pu
  2. Please feel free to discuss how this group is organized
  3. What do you say about a live session?

Task Discussion