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Installing Drupal on local development server

I will try to gather information from the net and explain as simple as posible Drupal installation proces on Windows Linux and Mac.

Task Discussion

  • NexusStar   Dec. 19, 2011, 10:56 p.m.

    Instaling Drupal on Windows 

    I personaly try two diferent ways one is using bundled installers and the other is using XAMPP ( - 

    Instalation with XAMPP is quite simple 

    1. Download XAMPP and extract in local directory (I prefer not to install it as a service and start it when I use it)

    2. Dowload latest version of Drupal and extract it in  directory <xampp>/htdocs/<drupal dir>

    3. Create the database for use with Drupal 

    4. Install Drupal

    As you can see this have way too many steps so in recent week or soo I am traying the bundled installer 

    First I try Microsoft WebMatrix and boy it sucks a lot . This product have potential but is so unready so my sugestion is don't use it for now.

    The thing that I found work is Aquia Drupal dev Desktop (

    to get it runing on Windows 

    1. Download Dev Desktop

    2. Install 

    and you've got running Drupal installation ready for exploring