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Full Description

This course will include an overview of techniques and strategies that research has shown to improve learning outcomes using multimedia and graphics for learning.

Multimedia is the presentation of information through both image and language:

  • Instructional Presentations
  • Audio video recordings
  • Slideshows with captions or audio
  • Interactive media including images and voice or text.
  • Printed media with text and images.
  • Games with words and visuals


The role of graphics will be explored to move from the use of graphics from decoration to those that truly foster deeper learning. Participants will apply these concepts to improve and design instructional multimedia. 

We will also discuss classroom delivery of multimedia to increase student engagement. Student participation makes them more active learners, provides immediate feedback to both student and teacher.

This course is not on how to create multimedia, rather it about taking your skills in this area and making your multimedia more effective by improving learning and student engagement. Participants can choose to use any multimedia tools they like, but should know how to use them.

Target Audience: U. S. K-12 educators


  • Be a U. S. K12 teacher or administrator
  • Intermediate general tech skills including image editing tools
  • A working knowledge of the multimedia tools that you plan to use


Course Length: 4 weeks

Course Commitment:

  • Commit to spend about 4 hours a week on this course and related multimedia projects
  • Collaborate with other participants
  • Create one or more multimedia resources applying techniques and strategies explored in this course and upload it to share with other participants
  • Read and discuss articles pertaining to multimedia and graphics as applied to learning
  • Create individual goals and projects within the scope of the course


Course Goals:

After this course, participants will:

  • Understand and apply principles that research has shown foster better learning through multimedia
  • Identify, select, and create graphics that facilitate deeper learning
  • Create multimedia resources that are effective in promoting student learning
  • Evaluate multimedia created by self or others, and revise to improve learning outcomes
  • Deliver multimedia in ways that fosters student engagement 


Course Developer/facilitator:

I am a teacher who uses multimedia extensively in the classroom and as a means of extending learning opportunities online. I primarily use presentation software (Keynote) in the classroom as a means delivering instruction. I have delved into research on multimedia learning to improve learning outcomes.

Task Discussion