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Task Discussion

  • karen   Oct. 31, 2011, 7:35 p.m.

    So for my project, I'm going to redo a short video I made about fractions (for grade 3-4) using hte principles we've learned here. Before doing so though, I'd like to get ideas and input from all of you.

    Here's the BEFORE video:

    Here are my thoughts/ideas:

    • Take out background music (coherence principle)
    • When showing things like parts of a fraction (numerator/demonimator),  parts of an apple, and parts of a group, highlight the important part. (signaling)
    • Possibly use colors to show numerator and denominator
    • Leave out text "how many pieces we're talking about" and "total pieces in the whole" (redundancy)
    • Leave out text "A fraction can show a part of a group." (Agree?)
    • Slow down. (segmenting)
    • In Your Turn activities, tell users to pause the video?
    • What should I do with graphics in Your Turn activities? Highlight when answer is given?
    • Concretizing - Do the examples I give relate to prior knowledge? I think so, but any other ideas?

    What other ideas do you have before I work on this? Thanks in advance.