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Submitting new ideas to a project

Sending feedback to a project

In the previous task we learnt how we can contribute with a project and work locally in our own copy of the software (this is possible thanks to the open-source licenses, that allow you to copy, adapt or modify and re-distribute the software without problems).

However, sometimes you are a user of the software and you have discovered that it is publicly available in Github. As a user you know the pitfalls of the software, what you like and dislike and how changing that minor detail it will improve in general the user experience.

In order to channel these ideas or feedback to the right persons, Github provides the Issues page. As you already know, this page is used for reporting everything related to the project: bugs, new features, new implementations, etc.

For example, as you are already users of the P2P University the software that it is running right now this service is hosted in Github. As you can see the source code is available, as well as the documentation and the issues page. Everything is public! Thus, if you have an idea about how P2P can be improved or you have experienced a problem, you could create a new issue in the page.

Before posting or creating anything, be sure to check if the project has any specific code of conduct. If you are going to participate in the project, be sure that you follow the rules!

Now that we have a more clear idea about how we can give feedback to a project, let's explain the goal of this task: to create, add a new issue or to participate in some open conversation within the issues page of your chosen project. Once you have participated in the project, post here the link of your interaction and the reasons behind that participation. If the project has a code of conduct, please, include it in the post as we will know that you are behaving like a good citizen :-)

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