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What does it mean "Social Coding"?

Becoming a social coder

Nowadays more and more projects use an open source license to distribute their work and give more freedom to the users and developers.

Thanks to this open approach, everyone can participate and contribute to different projects with ideas, bug reports, translations, code patches, and feedback.

While this social interaction can be done thanks to different applications, the web service Github has integrated the popular open source distributed version control system Git, which is designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

For example, in popular projects like jQuery lots of people participate: see the contributors list for the file event.js As you will see several people have contributed, but more importantly their contribution is listed so everyone will know that you are helping the project.

Github provides a freemium account for every open source project. The goal: if you have an open source project which is public by default, you will get more contributions from the community as everyone will be able to clone your code, send you new ideas, patches and become part of your project.

In summary, in order to complete this challenge go to, search one public project and post a comment here the URL of the project (see the Discussion button).

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