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Set Up Your Hosting

Modify the DNS records for your domain name and point it at your new hosting account

You might have to wait a little while before you can start using your hosting account. Don't worry if you do, you can always come back to this task later on.

In this task you're going to modify the DNS records for your domain name and point it at your new hosting account. The work you done in the previous challenge on DNS is really going to pay off. This task should take you a few minutes.
The theory behind what you have to do is the same regardless of who you bought your domain or hosting from, but the practical application of this theory will be different in every case. But don't worry, it's very simple. 
  1. Get the IP address of the server that your hosting account is located on. You should have received this information from your host. Get in touch with them if you don't have it.
  2. Login to the website that you bought the domain from and find the screen that allows you to edit the DNS records for your domain. Modify the 'A record' for and set the IP address for the 'A record' to the IP address of your hosting account.
  3. Finally you want to modify or add the DNS record for and set it as a CNAME record for


Now you just have to wait for up to 24 hours ( although it's normally a lot sooner than that) for the DNS information for your domain to propagate across the internet. When everything is done, your hosting account should now be available by typing into your web browser.

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