P2PU is made possible by a global network of exceptional people and organizations. It has allowed us to open the web up to the most effective kind of learning - peer to peer learning!

Our gratitude goes to:


The P2PU Advisers have offered to act as a sounding board, and help us navigate any thorny and difficult (and interesting) issues. They bring a diverse mix of backgrounds, and expertise, and we appreciate that they have offered to help us make the P2PU real. All Advisers act in their personal capacity. The Advisers carry no responsibility for the content of this site or the activities of the P2PU.

What the advisors say about us

"Making educational content open is just the first step in making educational opportunity more widely available.  P2PU takes the next leap, making interactive communities freely available to anyone with the motivation to learn." -- Steve Carson --

"We are born to learn. We learn from our parents, our teachers, our experiences, but mostly from each other. Normal schooling systems compartmentalize and stifle learning. Through open engagement in topics of interests with your peers, learning can be both more effective and more compelling. P2PU brings this promise to fruition, and coupled with the capacities of the Internet and open educational resources, it brings this promise to the globe." -- Ahrash Bissell --