School of Social Innovation

SoSI organizes and supports open courses for changemakers around the world.  SoSI courses are:

  • Free as the wind and open to anyone
  • Peer-Driven - we learn by teaching each other.
  • Always Fresh, Never Frozen - all of our tools, resources, and process are open so that they can always be reused and remixed.
  • Local and Global - For topics where team learning and lots of interaction with your local community are important- in other words, for most types of social innovation learning experiences- we believe face-to-face learning is a crucial component, so we have a fair bit of experience now organizing distributed courses that combine face-to-face learning with global interaction.  We can help you do the same.

SoSI supports learners, course designers, and course hosts who want to create courses like these with us.  Volunteers from our community are available to help you with course designcontent sleuthing from our network, course marketing, and, in some cases, help with technical development, for those great ideas worth exploring that go beyond the capability of existing technology.

Email us at if you have an idea for a course that should be offered!

School Organizers

AlanCWebb (school organizer) Laura White (school organizer) jeffthink (school organizer)